5 benefits of playing a musical instrument

November 2, 2021

“Music expresses that which cannot be conveyed in words, and which cannot be silenced either,” said the incredible romantic poet Victor Hugo. And, we agree! In addition, music has many  benefits  and learning to  play an instrument  even more!

# 1 More memory

Several scientific studies have already shown that both listening to music and playing it are practices that stimulate the brain and improve memory. Likewise, science has also proven that playing a musical instrument can  increase IQ by up to 7 points!

# 2 Discipline

Everyone who has ever learned to play an instrument knows that discipline is one of the pillars of success. This means that to create sound, it is essential to practice EVERYDAY. This makes playing an instrument one of the most recommended habits to  cultivate discipline  and the ability to organize.

# 3 Less stress

Music is one of the best remedies against stress – this has already been made clear by various investigations. Thus, it helps to lower cortisol levels, also known as the “stress hormone” and in a much healthier way than other alternatives, such as excessive eating, alcohol intake or television abuse.

# 4 More responsibility

As we already mentioned, every musical instrument demands discipline and a lot of perseverance. In other words, playing an instrument takes time, effort and a lot of perseverance. These last qualities, in fact, are indispensable to achieve almost any goal in this world. For this reason, and to become better people, it is so important to develop them!

# 5 More coordination

Playing a musical instrument improves coordination. And think about it: you will have to read certain notes on paper and transform them into something meaningful to your brain and then translate them into motor behavior. In addition, you will have to give your movements a specific rhythm, not to mention that you will also have to pay attention to your breathing. And to do all of this simultaneously, you will need  good coordination !

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