Adipometer: how to choose it and which one to buy

November 2, 2021

Do you know how the percentage of body fat is measured in the body? There are several methods, but one of the best known is with the adipometer . An analog and digital instrument that has tweezers that adhere to adipose tissue and calculate the amount of accumulated fat.

Obesity, contrary to popular belief, cannot be known in traditional weights. Since these instruments measure the force of gravity, but not the thickness of the dough. An efficient and fast way to know the percentage of body fat of an individual is through the adipometer.

But which one to choose and how to do it? You will have to stay with us until the end of the article. We will break down in detail the particularities of the adipometer and we will know in depth the basic notions of purchase related to this popular tool in physical training and general well-being.

What is the adipometer?

The adipometer, as we have pointed out previously, is an instrument to measure the thickness of adipose tissue on the surface of the body . Well, actually in some areas of the body. Also known as a caliper, it attaches to skin folds using tweezers and draws measurements of fat levels in millimeters.

What does an adipometer look like?

Today there are different types of adipometers, but they all follow the same philosophy. They have tweezers that adhere to the folds of the tissue and have a body fat meter valued in millimeters.

This meter, also known as a calculator, can be manual with an indicator with marked valuations or digital with more exact calculations. In turn, the adipometer comes in two presentations: wood and mechanical.

What is body mass index?

We know that the adipometer is an instrument used to determine the body’s body fat, but what does it actually measure? That is the body mass index , or BMI for short. It is a mathematical ratio that calculates the relationship between the mass and the height of each individual.

A person has two types of fats in the body. Natural fat, which is used to produce energy in daily activities and in hormonal processes. And the accumulated fat, which is stored in various areas of the body, such as the pectorals and the belly and is detrimental to the body’s well-being.

The BMI is the mathematical instrument that allows to know what is the value of that accumulated fat and what is the danger of it. Through a scale, it is known if the individual maintains a normal weight, overweight or obesity. Being a fundamental factor in managing people’s fat and taking healthy actions in the process.

How to choose an adipometer?

When choosing an adipometer, a series of notions must be followed that help in the purchase of a quality product that is beneficial for healthy goals. Here we will tell you what they are. We also advise you to go to and find the best industrial fans.

Type of adipometer

There is no single type of adipometer since this instrument can be separated according to its use or design. On the one hand we have the clinical adipometers – instruments of simple handling, with lighter weight and that offer measurements in millimeters. While we have scientific adipometers , heavier units, complicated to handle and with measurements in tenths of a millimeter.

Using the adipometer

Although adipometers are used to measure body mass index, there is still a difference in the purpose of the instrument. Clinical adipometers can be used by ordinary people, such as trainers, in order to know the progress of fitness programs. While for professional uses the scientific adipometer is recommended, who offer measurements that are difficult to interpret.

Instrument technology

Finally, another notion when choosing an adipometer is the technology of the instrument. While analogs are simple to manipulate, they require further calculation on a BMI calculator.

On the other hand, the digital ones are a bit more complicated to manipulate since they are metallic, but they offer the calculation of BMI directly. In addition to having programmed functions to enrich the evaluation of body fat.

Which adipometer to buy?

If you have decided to buy an adipometer , you will surely wonder which one to buy. Taking into account the number of options that exist, each one different from the other, we have taken the trouble to investigate here and there until we find profitable, accurate and efficient instruments. Let’s see which ones.

GENEROC analog adipometer

It is an analog body fat meter made of wood and with millimeter ratings. It has resistant clamps that adhere to the adipose tissue of the skin and offer efficient measurements of the index of each individual. Ideal for weight management and nutritionist goals.

OcioDual adipometer

If you need to know the progress of your body weight in a physical training or in a diet, this is a great option. It is a simple instrument to manage, where a pinch with the tweezers will be enough to adhere to the adipose tissue and offer exact measurements in view of knowing the BMI. It has a user manual and is recommended for both men and women .

Bozeera adipometer

Despite being another analog caliper, the difference is that it has free software to quickly calculate the body mass index after various measurements with the caliper. It differs from the rest by the modern philosophy and simplicity of use.

It also comes bundled with a series of video instructions to monitor the progress of nutritionist regimens and fitness activities. It is one of the most recommended by experts and consumers.

Healifty Plicometro

Finally we have a digital instrument to know the body mass index in various areas of the body. It has a design that is easy to handle and quick to understand. Metal coated and with efficient clamps.

Also with a screen where measurements are shown. It is completely harmless, practical for all kinds of activities and can be stored in backpacks or purses in case you want to take it to the gym.

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