ASMR: Sounds To Relax

November 3, 2021

ASMR videos become more popular, and when indicating one we will see a person making noises either with objects, moving, scratching, tapping even with his voice whispering. While for some it is unpleasant, for others it generates a feeling of relaxation, but that also has a scientific explanation.

What is ASMR

The sensory response meridian autonomous ( Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) is both psychological and physical experience. It includes feeling calm, happy, and sleepy, as well as experiencing a tingling sensation on the scalp and the back of the neck and spine.

People often feel ASMR when they perceive a gentle touch, see a smiling face and gentle hand movements, or hear triggering sounds (pleasant whispers, the soft rustle of paper, the brush of fingers, or the soft smacking of the lips).

¿ASMR to Sleep?

Work, social pressures, routines and self-demands have caused that, currently, the vast majority of the population suffers from stress problems constantly. This condition, in turn, is one of the main causes of insomnia and poor rest.

There are sounds that are pleasant and make us feel relaxed, while others can put our nerves on edge. Surely you can remember how restorative it was to sleep during a rainy night or the tranquility that comes from listening to the wind gently moving the leaves of the trees. It is precisely with this type of sensation that this technique works.

How ASMR Works

ASMR works within the nervous system of some people that can condition it to experience certain particular sensations of chills and pleasure between images and / or sounds.

Something similar when you listen to your favorite song and your skin cramps. The phenomenon is described as a pleasant tingling sensation that runs down the back.

From the head to the rest of the body, including extremities and that occurs when exposed to stimuli that encompass any of the senses.

Although there is not much scientific evidence on the real effect of ASMR videos, in humans or on the fact that they produce a consistent and reliable neurological response.

But the fact is that thousands of people claim that they help them regain calm, relax, fall asleep and even lessen the effects of depression.

Benefits of ASMR

  • Decrease heart rate
  • Regulate emotions and may have therapeutic benefit
  • Promote feelings of positive affection and interpersonal connection
  • They help to fall asleep
  • Improve mood
  • Decrease stress
  • Help cope with anxiety

Those who watch ASMR videos experience a sense of well-being that, like pain relief, these mood improvements last for several hours afterward, even if the tingling sensations do not occur.

The dark side of ASMR

More or less at the same time that psychologists identified ASMR as a phenomenon, in other centers they discovered its dark side: misophonia.

Those who suffer from this disorder suffer a negative response, emotionally or physically, when hearing certain sounds. Some felt irritation and others, directly, violent rage.

Cases began to appear of people who had not dined with their family for years. because hearing the metallic clash of the silverware made them lose their nerves.

The big revelation came with the largest study to date on misophonia, published in March 2018 by Dutch scientists.

The study was unable to find relevant causes for someone to feel that aversion to certain sounds.

“It is unlikely that another ‘real’ underlying clinical, psychiatric or psychological disorder could explain misophonia,” they said.

Finally, it is a resource that for some causes relaxation, similar to sleeping when a light rain falls, for others that same rain does not let them sleep, it all depends on the nervous / sensory perception of the people, since it is different in everyone.

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