Autoclave Maintenance

November 2, 2021

An autoclave is a thick-walled metal container with a hermetic closure that allows you to work with steam at high pressure and high temperature, which is used to sterilize medical or laboratory equipment. The autoclave inactivates all viruses and bacteria, although it has become known that some microorganisms can withstand the temperatures of the autoclave. Autoclaves are used in mainly sterilization applications and in the chemical industry.

The maintenance of the autoclaves must be carried out every 1 year at least or every 6 months depending on the amount of work to which it is subjected, Autoclaves are equipment that can become dangerous without proper maintenance

5 Things you should know about Autoclaves

  1. They are equipment that works with saturated steam, in order to work correctly this equipment needs to eliminate all the dry air that is inside the chamber to make room for saturated steam and the cycle is 100% safe and efficient.
  2. Unlike dry air sterilization, autoclave sterilization allows us to eliminate strains and certain viruses that are more resistant than dry air does not allow us to eliminate.
  3. The safety valve must be changed every year to avoid jamming or obstructions in it, preventing the mechanism from being activated in case of an emergency.
  4. The appropriate manometer for this type of equipment must contain glycerin and must have an air outlet from it to avoid pressures inside the manometer.
  5. There are several types of Autoclaves and not all of them work for the same, in this link you can learn more about it

We can support you with these Services for your Autoclave

  • Preventive Maintenance for autoclaves
  • Autoclave packaging
  • Autoclave system upgrade
  • Security check
  • Autoclave Safety Maintenance
  • Spare Parts for Autoclave
  • Heating elements for autoclaves
  • Temperature control for autoclave
  • Corrective maintenance for autoclave
  • Safety valve for autoclave
  • Autoclave valve
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