Blood Pressure Meter, What is it and which one to choose?

November 2, 2021

The blood pressure meter , also known as a sphygmomanometer, is an instrument used to measure blood pressure both in the doctor’s office and at home. It is a device made up of an inflatable cuff and a mechanical pressure gauge. It is used in conjunction with a means of determining the pressure of the blood flow so that the pressure is not impeded.

There are two types: manual and digital. The manuals require a stethoscope and are used by medical professionals as a more accurate reading is obtained through the palpitation of systolic pressure. While digital ones employ electronic measurements and calculations instead of auscultation.

In the next article we will talk about what blood pressure meters are and how they work. We invite you to join us until the end of the article as this information is very important for people who have heart problems or tension. Stay until the end because we will recommend the best meters on the market.

What is a blood pressure meter?

Blood pressure monitor or blood pressure monitor is a device used to measure blood pressure. It consists of a band that is placed on the upper arm and is inflated to stop the flow of blood from the artery . Once the handle is released, then a stethoscope is used to listen to the pumping through the artery.

What is blood pressure?

In order to understand what the blood pressure monitor reads, you have to understand what blood pressure is. The heart is in charge of supplying blood to the organs and tissues of the body. With each beat of the heart, the heart pumps a corresponding amount of blood to the blood vessels of the respiratory system.

Once blood begins to move through the body, it puts pressure on the vessel walls . This being what a blood pressure monitor or blood pressure meter reads. Two important values ​​are obtained from this reading. First, the systolic, which is when the heart beats while the muscle contracts. And the diastolic, which is the pressure on the blood vessels when the muscle relaxes.

Blood pressure is usually measured in units of millimeters of mercury and is always given in two pairs. Which are the two values ​​mentioned above. Although in some parts of the world they call it as ‘the low and the high’. For each age and sex there are various references for blood pressure values.

Types of blood pressure meters

There are three fundamental types of blood pressure meters according to the characteristics of their construction. Here’s what each one consists of:

Mercury pressure gauge

It is considered the most accurate blood pressure monitor in the range of products for measuring blood pressure in the body as it is exposed to fewer errors. In order to know what the blood pumping cycle is, a stethoscope is needed.

Air blood pressure meter

It is the most common version of the pressure gauges that we find in the market and in homes. It is a precise device that must be filled with air manually to stop the artery and then use a stethoscope to listen to the passage of blood through the muscles.

Electronic blood pressure meter

Also known as a digital blood pressure monitor, it is a modern device used to measure pressure automatically. Unlike the previous presentations, this type does not require a stethoscope and there is no manual filling of the air band either. Since he only does it by pressing a button.

They also have a built-in pulse detector that is easy to handle. The problem with these digital blood pressure monitors is that they are susceptible to outside noise. The same happens with movements, sometimes giving some values ​​that are not exact. To improve precision, you don’t have to move your arm and be in an isolated place.

How to use a blood pressure meter?

In order to use a blood pressure meter it is necessary for the patient to sit down until they relax. Once he’s calm, wrap the air band around his arm and tighten it. Depending on the type of meter, you have to press a button (if it is digital) or push the knob of the device so that it inflates with air.

Once the artery is blocked, put on the stethoscope and listen to the pumping of blood. Subsequently, you have to let the air move from the band and see how the panel indicates the values ​​of the pressure of the artery. For greater precision of the device it is recommended that the person not squeeze the arm, have urinated, or smoked, much less have drunk alcohol.

Which blood pressure monitor to buy?

Care Touch Digital Blood

It is the best blood pressure meter considering the quality and the price. It has a digital display that indicates what the pressure values ​​are. It comes with a backlight which makes reading easier, especially if it is to be used at night. In the event of an irregular heartbeat, the device alerts with a symbol.

IProven blood pressure monitor watch

It is a type of modern blood pressure meter that can be worn watch-style for accurate measurements. It is small, packable and comfortable, ideal for people who have regular problems with pressure.

It is characterized by being a fast device that records results in up to 30 seconds. In order to wear it and not be interrupted by inaccurate values, bracelets and other similar jewelry must be stripped.

Withings BPM Connect

It is the best anti-movement monitor on the market. It consists of an upper arm PA monitor that can last up to an impressive 6 months without having to change batteries.

It has an unlimited database and is synchronized with a medical care application to keep an easier control of blood pressure at all times as long as it is connected to Wi-Fi.

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