Burette clip

November 2, 2021

The burette clamp is, along with other clamping implements, an important piece of laboratory equipment. It is a metal tool that, attached to the universal support, is used to hold a burette.

What is it?

The burette clamp is a metal tool that is attached to the universal holder for the purpose of holding one or two burettes vertically. Also known as Fisher clamps, they can be attached to cylindrical shaped fixtures by tightening with a screw or nut. There are various shapes and sizes.

They are considered a type of adjustable clamping, they are generally made of metal and not only hold burettes, but other glass elements such as funnels or allow elaborate assemblies such as distillation systems.

These clamps are attached by means of a double nut to the laboratory stand or, in the case of an elaborate assembly, to a frame or a fixed rack.


This instrument can have two forms. It can be V-shaped to hold a single burette or X-shaped to hold two burettes. Some have two or three arms that hold the neck of the glass elements. On the inner face of the arms there is a coating of rubber, plastic, PVC or felt that prevents direct counting between the glass and the metal, which could cause the glass to break.

It achieves clamping by pressure from a spring or screw.

What is it for?

With this tool different experiments are prepared that may require the use of a buret such as an acid-base titration or when a careful dosing of liquids is required.

It also allows the firm hold of other glass materials such as test tubes, flasks and others.

It is essential to ensure laboratory elements during various processes since it leaves the hands of the technician or students free to work on the chemical or biological processes to be carried out.

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