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November 2, 2021

Among the measurement instruments found in laboratories we have the durometers , katharometer , dosimeter and in this case the Capacimeter . This being the one that allows us to know what the capacitance of the capacitors is.

Capacimeter History

The history of this instrument dates back to Germany, being perfected by the English. Specifically, it is presumed that the first Capacimeter is from the 18th century around 1750. However, as we mentioned, it was perfected by the English, where the first vestiges of this instrument that bore the name of “Leyden Bottle” can be seen.

It is important to note that the appearance of this instrument is related to the torsion balance devised by Charles-Augustin de Coulomb (1736-1806) in France.

Known as the Leyden bottle, it was born around 1750 when electricity was truly viewed as entertainment rather than science. Being given its nickname by the Dutch city of Leyden , where it was discovered.

The first capacitor was originally thought to be a very rudimentary measuring instrument. Which were used to check the existence of electric charge, which were in the result of his initiative.

What is a Capacimeter?

In simple terms we can say that this is one of the laboratory instruments used for measurement. Specifically, it emerged as a way to measure the magnitude or electrical capacity present in an electrolytic or ceramic capacitor or capacitor.

If we take this into account, we can say that this is a device through which the capacity expressed by having the description of a capacitor can be purchased . Thanks to this, it is possible to determine whether or not they are suitable for use.

On the other hand, we must bear in mind that thanks to this instrument we can also measure a series of parameters, including the leakage and resistance of the dielectric . At the same time it is possible to measure the inductive components.

This is one of the main tools used by electronics hobbyists. Because it has the ability to measure the value of capacitors. Which are obtained after the dismantling of old radios . As well as computer memory cards and other electronic devices.

Capacimeter Features

When we talk about the characteristics of the Capacimeter, we refer to an oscillator which has a certain capacity to measure. In this case, the oscillator is connected to a frequency counter , which is prepared for the measurement of periods. In which you can see the capacity of the capacitor that is being tested.

Leaving the aforementioned aside, we can say that this instrument has other characteristics among which are included;

  • Microcontroller.
  • Digital display (if it is digital).
  • Needle indicator (in the case of being analogous).
  • Test clips to hold the capacitors.
  • Indicator wheel that presents the scales in different nano-faradic magnitudes.

It is important to note that in the case of fasteners, these are generally short, which makes it easier to measure the capacitors . We can find a red one, which is the one that allows us to measure the positive polarity. While there is another black one with which the negative polarity can be measured.

We must bear in mind that these are only the basic characteristics of this instrument. It should be noted that both the manufacturing material and the size of this instrument can vary considerably from one manufacturer to another.

What is the Capacimeter for?

Currently one of the most efficient instruments available to achieve the repair of electronic devices is the Capacimeter. These are generally used to measure capacitors, which can be done from too low scales such as nanofarad and picofarad . Specifically, we can say that the measurement capacity of this instrument will depend on its manufacturer, as well as its quality.

Thanks to this instrument we can measure the capacity of a capacitor or capacitor, which can be ceramic or electrolytic . In it, the signal of a certain frequency is circulated by means of a capacitor. When this is done, a calculation is carried out, in order to determine the capacity of the measured capacitor. The results will be reflected on the glass display.

We should mention that this tool is not only used to measure capacitor capacity. It must be taken into account that it also allows to determine the value of an inductance indirectly.

In relation to the places where this instrument is used the most is in laboratories. In which it is listed as one of the most important elements there is. Because they must be used for the design and elaboration of circuits where capacities intervene.

As we have mentioned, it has the ability to buy the status of a capacitor and at the same time it is used to know the value of its capacity. Being especially useful to verify the capacitors found in the facilities . In this way, if they are in poor condition, they can be disposed of.

To all this it is important to mention that with variable capacitors, the Capacimeter will indicate which are the exact precisions of the minimum and maximum values.

How does the Capacimeter work?

To use this instrument, the first thing is to make sure that the capacitor has no charge. This is important, since if the capacitor is charged they can destroy the capacitor.

When we have verified the aforementioned, we must go on to choose which is the microfarads scale that the capacitor corresponds to. In order to connect the measuring clamps to the corresponding poles . Being more specific, we must place black on the negative pole and red on the positive.

Once this is done, we must observe the results shown by the LCD screen, where the total of the microfarads scale that the capacitor has will be indicated. In this sense, when the capacitor is 2,200 microfarads , the needle on the screen should indicate 1.80 and 2.2. Which means that it is suitable for use. Obviously, if the opposite happens, the device must be discarded.

Capacimeter Types

Currently a large number of Capacimeters are known, so it is not difficult to find the one that suits our needs. These instruments are especially chosen when we find capacitors whose value printed on them has been erased .

When this happens it is extremely important that the person have a Capacimeter. Because that way they can determine the result of it. Leaving this aside and that in the market we find different types of capacimeters we can say that these are divided into two large groups that are;

Analog capacimeter

In this case we are talking about a Capacimeter that indicates the quality of electricity that a capacitor has, using a needle. That is, when the measurement is being carried out, it is a needle that tells us what the different electrical quantities are, present in the capacitor we want to analyze.

Digital capacimeter

Like the previous one, this one aims to know the electrical quality that a capacitor has. However, in this case it is not a needle that indicates the electrical quality. Rather, it is an LCD screen that has a built-in Capacimeter.

It is important to note that both Capacimeters are very efficient when it comes to carrying out electronic repairs . It should be borne in mind that electrolytic capacitors generally fail in a large number of cases in electronic equipment.

The latter is usually caused by power stages, where the temperatures are very high. When this happens, electrolytes are lost that are deposited on the capacitor plates. The result is a malfunctioning or erratic capacitor and circuit failure.

Importance of Capacimeters

Capacimeters are known to be extremely important instruments in laboratories. Because they allow to elaborate circuits , where capacities intervene, being this tool the one that allows us to understand the state and the value of capacity that any capacitor has.

In electronics, this is one of the most appreciated gadgets out there, especially since many people use it to learn the value of old capacitors in electronic gadgets . A clear example is in computer memories where it is widely used.

But we can also find that this device is used in other old devices such as old radios. This is important, since it allows you to obtain these pieces as long as they are functional.

To all this we must add that this device can also measure other surfaces, among which we have leaks, the inductive component and the resistance of the dielectric. It must be taken into account that the devices that can be used are very twisted, and the capacity with which they can be measured are also.

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