November 1, 2021

A catharometer is an instrument used mainly in the area of ​​chromatography, specifically in that of gases. Chromatography is a method of separating gases or liquids from complex compounds, which works by absorbing the different components of the sample separately.

Its purpose is to determine the concentration of each element that makes up the sample, which it combines with the purpose of the katharometer, which uses the difference in thermal conductivity of the gases where the analyte is found, which is basically analyzable content or what is desired to be known in analytic chemistry. The katharometer is an instrument for determining the composition of gases .

What is a katharometer?

The catharometer is a vital instrument in chromatography processes , this because it is used in the determination of the composition of complex gases. That is, it is used to determine the elements that are part of a gas and their proportion in the compound. This works as a thermal conductivity detector, which is the same, it measures the heat conduction capacity.

The catharometer determines the compounds of the gas by measuring the heat conduction capacity of the gas , because the different components of the gas have different masses and therefore different conductivity. The mass of the molecules is determined by the sum of the atoms that compose it and this molecular weight is inversely proportional to its level of conductivity.

The katharometer has heating coils and two parallel tubes where the gases are found, one sample tube and the other tube to be analyzed, comparing the speeds at which they lose heat from the coil. The katharometer sensor can be a metal detector or a thermistor. These instruments include an LCD screen to show the result of the analysis.

Its use has spread to several areas but it is likely that you have seen it in laboratories. This instrument analyzes both organic and inorganic gases, being quite complete in its work.

What is a katharometer for?

The katharometer is used to determine the components of a complex gas, to indicate what it is composed of and the proportions of each element in the set. In gas chromatography it is widely used because this technique needs to know the elements in the composition of a gas , either for its practical use, in the separation of said compounds, or its descriptive use, where the compound and its elements are analyzed.

How does a katharometer work?

In principle, you must remember that the katharometer is a very useful instrument in many areas, its operation is quite simple, so when you use it you can read the results in a simple way.

As it is an electronic measuring instrument , it has an electrical power source, together with a steel adjustment, which covers the entire surface of the instrument, in addition, it has two cavities through which the gases enter, the reference and the carrier of the shows.

Once the gases enter the instrument, they collide and make possible the detection of the thermal conductivity, this is achieved by the resistors or thermal wires, once all this process occurs, the gases pass through the amplifier, thus generating the type conductivity of gases

Uses of a katharometer

As I mentioned earlier, in the area of ​​chromatography it is highly used, in any of its functions, but this is not the only area in which a catharometer is required. In medicine it is also required to analyze lung function and determine abnormalities in the oxygen breathed by the person. Which may be an indication of some pathology.

However, this method of analysis in medicine varies from what is required to measure, since they have various methods of analyzing air and respiration. A part of the industrial sector also makes use of the katharometer, in fact it is used in the analysis of industrial gases.

Types of katharometer

The main difference between one katharometer and another is the sensors they use; these sensors have thermal resistance. This resistance causes them to oppose the heat and their temperature change is given by the gas. The most common materials they are made of are platinum, gold or tungsten although it can also be with a semiconductor thermistor.

The difference between metals and the thermistor is that the thermistor having a negative temperature coefficient, its resistance is affected as the temperature rises. Making any of the aforementioned metals a sensor preferable. Although they are equally useful.

Characteristics of a katharometer

The katharometer has certain qualities as a conductivity detector, which make it more or less suitable depending on the analysis or situation to be used. If, for example, you analyze the relevant characteristics that an instrument for gas chromatography should have, you will find the following points:

  • Sensitivity
  • Linear response
  • temperature range
  • Sample care

Sensitivity refers to the size of the sample you can measure, the smaller the sample, the higher the sensitivity. The linear response, on the other hand, is the concentration range of the substance. The temperature range is the one comprised from the degree of freezing of the water to that of its evaporation. With this in mind I proceed to expose the characteristics of the katharometer:

  • Wide linear range
  • Does not destroy or reduce the sample
  • Medium sensitivity
  • Universal answer (works for both organic and inorganic compounds)

The katharometer is also a portable instrument, easy to use and its built-in screen makes obtaining the information really easy. In the comparison of characteristics between what is required of a measurement instrument in gas chromatology and the katharometer you can see how it is ideal in most of the points for it.

Importance of the katharometer

Determining the composition of gases is necessary for their use, even before this, for their categorization. It is not feasible to work with gases of unknown composition since you could not determine their possible uses and risks. The katharometer is an instrument that also gives the proportions of these elements with a good degree of accuracy.

Accuracy linked to ease of use and accessibility become a winning formula when selecting an instrument, especially if it performs such a specific and specialized function with an element such as gas. That depending on its composition and use it can be dangerous.

Industrial gases companies have proven the multiple benefits of the use of complex gases in various areas, for everyday and industrial use, so the understanding and analysis of these elements is extremely important for the quality of life levels of the companies. persons.

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