Circular saw, what is it for and how much to pay?

November 2, 2021

Something has among themselves all the devices designed by man since – like a random number – the year 1950: not all of them get the most out of it. That happens with a Smartphone, with a circular saw or with a PC, etc.

But you must be right to say that you only want him for specific functions and know that we share that criteria.

But when it comes to performance, potential and safety, in the case of the circular saw we must touch and insist on using it with science and conscience so that its use is the best of all: the safest.

There will also be those who minimize its usefulness by doing small tasks and that their “personal touch” lies in the manual. This, although noble, is far from being clearly true.

Any action that seeks work, safety, attention, technique, precision, style, consequence and production in favor of the material or ethereal good, has in itself the personal touch even if you use tools.

So let’s not minimize the potential or the need to use a circular saw and we are going to give ourselves the best suggestions, both for its acquisition and care and prices.

Circular saw

The mountains are among the tools used in carpentry and construction in general, adding DIY.

With them you can make precision cuts in materials such as wood, plastics, non-ferrous metals, plaster or even small channels in concrete.

The center of it lies in a toothed disk or saw blade that when rotating quickly allows the cutting of materials under the guidance of an operator.

There are different types that derive from two basic ones: the fixed one, which is on a pedestal with a very firm special table and accessories to hold or maneuver the materials, and the manual, which works at the free will of its user.

They exist in various sizes and with well-structured variants for the benefit of humanity. Even in surgery, a laser-cut carbon fiber circular saw is used to make structured cuts in bone.

For this reason we have said that this cannot be minimized, since it works to cut, make incisions or channels, splices, create new chord measures that will be transformed into what the mind designed.

This is where the real operation of a circular saw lies: in the utility it has, in the creativity that strives to materialize.

What is a circular saw used for?

It is designed to provide precision, speed, depth and acceleration to productivity, in addition to saving force and man hours, in terms of necessary cuts.

Imagine a group of bricklayers, plumbers, carpenters on a construction site ; each one making cuts of large and massive pieces by hand with a hacksaw or handsaw.

How much time is wasted on it? How much is the wear? How much is the imprecision? it could be minimized with practice, but it will always be an incident, history has shown.

A circular saw then helps a person or a group of them to accelerate in their functions, without this being understood as mechanical work, free to use (without preparation) and of uncontrolled speed.

Anyone can use a circular saw, but you should consider preparation, be it technical, online, person-to-person, or with some empiricism, based on the manufacturer’s instructions.

Criterion, safety regulations, discipline, prevention, the use of force with control and actually knowing what it is to work steadily, make the circular saw the effective tool to accelerate processes.

Tips for use

Whether for professional work , amateur, DIY, technical learning, it starts with these considerations and it will unfold correctly in its use. Warning: Never machine.

  • Check that the cutting blades are in good condition, level and that they are for the material to be cut. Using the wrong one can cause damage to equipment, material, unintentional risky movements.
  • Please refer to the user manual. Each manufacturer adds novel attachments and gives special recommendations that must be known before operating the circular saw.
  • In the case of a table circular saw, the blade must be adjusted so that the cut does not close and jam the blade.
  • If you’re using a DIY hand-held circular saw, keep the piece securely on a bench.
  • Avoid having people by your side or other distracting elements.
  • Take good care of how you will cut depth, especially depending on the material.
  • Mark well the pieces you are going to cut, avoid working to the “eye per cent”.
  • Keep your workplace clean, especially avoiding items that could create tripping or could be violently expelled.

How much to pay for a circular saw?

Interesting and easy to answer question, if we check online portals like Amazon. We are going to give 4 specific examples: circular table saw (fixed), manual, for DIY and advanced.

As you have read, you will be considering the type of toothed disc blade suitable for each material. Each model of circular saw has a fixed one, but it can also be adapted to others.

Einhell 4340490 circular table Sierra

This model of circular saw is one of the most recommended, not only for its solid and safe construction, but for its good use of energy, extension of the table which helps to work with longer materials.

It has extra security elements and is ideal for working at angles. Recommended for workshops. Its price ranges around 160 euros , which increases the demand for the product.

Einhell 4330992 TC-CS 860 Kit, 450 W, 230v.

For manual jobs that require guidance, the guard plates and guides on this manual circular saw are ideal. It uses diamond blades, so it can cut not only wood, but also ceramic, increasing its use for construction.

The price is less than 65 euros , an excellent investment that should not be missed.

Bosch PKS 66 AF – Sierra circular  de 1600 W.

Manual model made for cuts up to 66mm. Its guide rail allows you to have perfect control when cutting wide or long materials, such as wooden doors, plates for boats. Very suitable for workshops.

Its cost is less than 160 euros and it can be purchased financed in 4 parts. The brand is highly recognized worldwide.


If your requirement is to cut wood at angles, make circles or other geometric or asymmetrical shapes, this is the ideal circular saw.

Highly safe and powerful. Capable of cutting non-ferrous materials and ceramic tiles with ease.

Its powerful motor makes it one of the most resistant on the market. Special for soft or thin woods, common in DIY. The blade is located between two safety guides that make them more reliable for the operator.

Its price is around 70 euros . It has been considered the best ally and gift for people of creativity in wood and malleable materials.

HYCHIKA Mini Sierra Circular de Mano 500W 4500RPM

One of the novelties in the world of circular saws is this model that offers the placement of 3 special discs for various soft materials.

In addition, it has a traditional mini steel guide and a guide with a laser pointer that is added to a special movement absorbent handle, helping the operator to make better cuts without stumbling, jumps or obstacles.

It combines state-of-the-art technology, efficiency, protection, powerful and reliable motor, can be used with one hand and is at a very low price. You can buy it from 55 euros.

Dremel DSM20-3/4.

Its specifications indicate that it has a power of 710W, using 220-240V as energy, and a weight of 1.7 kg.

The cut is 33cm, which makes it ideal for minor jobs both DIY and mechanical or turnery at home, business or office, since it is extremely easy to carry, as well as to operate.

Its ergonomic shape makes it safe for any operator who complies with the basic rules already mentioned. Its price is less than 150 euros , excellent for a laptop and that will solve emergencies in any place and at all times.

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