Colored folios: red, pink, blue, white, black, gray

November 2, 2021

The folio is one of the standards that was used a lot in a certain time, before the distribution of other paper formats such as DIN A4 began . There have been many variations of the role standards for different purposes. One that people really like is colored folios.

They can be used to draw or make cutouts and one of the rules in presenting this idea was the folio. Hence the emergence of colored sheets as a sales alternative that was widely accepted by the market. But there is a great variety of these papers and they vary depending on the price, quality and even by the suppliers.

One of the first brands to sell folios and that still stands out for them is Carrefour. Despite them, there are other brands and types of colored sheets that may attract your attention.

Some kinds of colored folios

These are some of the most valued and sold colored folios in 2020.


It is a pack of more than 100 multi-colored sheets . It weighs approximately 80 grams each and is used in all kinds of uses just like a normal sheet.

APLI 15279

It is characterized by having an intense color. The pack also has 100 sheets.

Dohe 30170

It has more than 20 types of colors available, although you can request a custom one. Its colors are vivid and its use is well varied .

Clairefontaine Trophy

Presents 500 sheets of many colors that stand out for a special color (pastel).

Perfect ideaz

It is a wallpaper with a variation of 10 different colors. The set consists of 100 sheets that have a thickness of 130 grams per square meter. It is ideal for making your crafts and presents a high quality recognized in the market.

 Dohe 30205

It is one of the colored folios which is a single color package . In this case it is a light blue color in a set of 500 sheets.

5 Star 297609

It is a paper rated 5 stars for its quality . It is ideal for making photocopies on more than 500 available sheets. Its cream color stands out from the rest.

One of the main uses of colored sheets is in the production of colored cardboard and hence a great variety of uses.

But why use cardboard?

Advantages of using card stock instead of colored folios

    • Stronger yet flexible
    • Lighter than cardboard
    • More durable than paper
    • Economical
    • Has a wide variety of uses
  • There are many color options to choose from
  • Some are sustainable and biodegradable

Many are the companies that make use of colorful cards, an idea that emerged from colored sheets , due to the great benefits they bring. Some applications like:

  • Menu made of colored cardboard
  • Invitations cards
  • Signs with company brands
  • Congratulatory postcards for some festive date to the workers
  • Preparation of information brochures

What are the colored sheets for?

Many are the applications of the colored sheets , in this case in type of cardboard. So too are many varieties.

Recycled cardboard

They are a 100 percent recycled and totally ecological variety . It is ideal for copiers and laser printers. It is an option that is highly endorsed by designers due to its slightly retro style.

It does not affect the environment, which adds some value to this type of cardboard. The paper used for its preparation are sheets of sharp and clear colors .

Grass cardstock

They are also known by the name of Graspapier. In this case, you are facing an ecological option that is made from 50 percent grass that is dried in the sun . Due to this it consumes less resources and energy in its manufacture.

The colored sheets are also used to make prints and photocopies. But it is necessary to know which of them is better and what advantages and disadvantages each type entails.

Best colored sheets for printing and photocopying

When determining what type of folio is better than foal, characteristics such as:

  • Degree of humidity
  • Texture
  • Amount of residual fibers
  • Dust present on the surface

All of them can positively or negatively influence a correct impression.

Folios Navigator Universal

It is a well-known printing paper

Advantages of the Universal Navigator Folios

  • It can be used in all kinds of prints
  • Free from dust particles
  • smooth texture
  • It can prolong the life of printers

Disadvantages of Universal Navigator Folios

  • Expensive

Folios AmazonBasics

It is a multifunction paper of great recognition among the colored sheets

Advantages of AmazonBasics Folios

  • It is an acid free paper
  • It is totally ecological
  • Presents in a wide range of colors

Disadvantages of AmazonBasics Folios

  • Its price is high
  • The initial whiteness index of the process is not known exactly

Folios HP

It has three quality certificates and many pages have classified it as a 5-star paper. One of the best features is a functionality built into the properties of the paper that prevents it from absorbing too much ink during printing. This allows a better final sharpness of the printed images. These colored sheets have low environmental impact.

Advantages of HP Folios

  • Quite high initial whiteness index
  • smooth texture
  • It has a ColorLok coating that allows a better fixation of the particles emitted by the toners and the ink.
  • Presents good performance on all types of printers
  • It has an ecological certificate

Disadvantages of HP Folios

  • It is a little less shiny than other brands

Folios Xerox Performer

It is a brand as well known to all as all the previous ones.

Xerox Performer Folios Advantages

  • It has a very affordable price

Disadvantages of Xerox Performer Folios

  • It is a very thin paper
  • It is less white and opaque than other older brands.
  • It has a high number of negative reviews.

The list is long, but you should pay special attention to the properties of each of the colored sheets before deciding which one is the most appropriate for your use. 

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