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November 2, 2021

Are you looking for the best Crimper ? You don’t have to keep looking; here you will find the best models for your interest. We will also show you very good prices so that you get a good choice.

The crimper is a clamp that executes a pressure that serves to strongly assemble electrical cables, metal parts or other materials that are useful.

What is Crimpar?

It is a process of assembly or pressure, which is carried out by means of a wrench or clamp that obstructs the physical connection of connectors so that the crimping procedure is safe.

Types of crimper

Crimping pliers, despite serving the same purpose; each one has a specific function. Therefore, you need to know what they are and the difference between each of them so that you know exactly which one to use. Here are some of them:

  • RJ45 and RJ11 crimpers: It is the most used, since it handles the field of landlines and network cabling for necessary equipment. It is shaped like a common pliers; However, it has a mini pliers on its head allowing the user to cut the data cable as desired and above it has three holes with the shape of the connector (the size varies depending on whether it is RJ45 or RJ11), which allows the user to join it with greater precision to the data cable.
  • Coaxial crimper: Its use is based on antenna cables for televisions (whether television, digital terrestrial television or others) and antennas for Wifi, such as the RG58 cable.
  • Hydraulic crimpers: It is a type of industrial pliers that requires oil to be used more comfortably. Despite being one of the heaviest pliers, it stands out because its pressure is stronger and produces a more precise union. However, it has only been used in construction industries to join metals through the crimp method.
  • HDMI crimper: One of the tools most used by technicians specialized in installing audiovisual equipment. It has in its structure pliers to cut cables that are not going to be used and joins it to the connector permanently.
  • Hollow end crimper: Used by electricians to build both domestic and industrial electrical panels. It comes in two presentations, circular head (the most used for its square finish) and long head (similar to ordinary pliers).

You can find these models at:

Crimper Features

  • This tool is in the form of pliers, pliers, or pliers.
  • Its arms are made of steel or cast aluminum, covered in plastic or rubber.
  • The head does all the work, you just have to put a little pressure on it
  • Assembler of cable terminals, connectors or other materials.
  • The greater the crimping effort, the better the crimper should be (with a good length of its arms and more robust in its head).

How to create an Internet network cable with the Crimper?

First of all, to make a network cable we must have the following materials: Mainly a crimper, UTP level 5 network cable and two NJ45 male connectors.

Hold the cable in one of its tips or terminals, with the crimper you must remove about 3 cm of the plastic that covers the cables inside. Also, avoid cutting the cables inside, since they are the ones that will be used.

When you’ve done that step, move on to the next one. Separate the cables inside, when they are already separated, proceed to order them according to the order that we are going to use. This would be to use the normal or parallel cable.

The order is as follows: from left to right, white – orange. Orange – white – green. Blue, white – blue. Green, white – brown and brown.

Once you have them that way, proceed to cut the cables with the crimper, to a measure of more or less than 1.5 cm.

Then continue to insert them into the male connector with the format already mentioned.

Note that it must be inserted with the connector pin facing down. For this reason, it is the order already done.

When doing this, carefully place the connector in the crimper. Make sure you don’t damage the connector; olo have pressure and you’re ready our cable to use.

Models and prices

In order to obtain a good utensil, we must choose the most appropriate one for our vitally important preparations. It is for this reason that we will show you a few varieties of crimper tools.

Pass-Thru VDV226-110 – Lightweight, Comprehensive Modular Wire, Slit, Strip & Crimper Tool.

  • Fast and loyal modular socket arrangement tool for voice and data attentions with Pass-Thru RJ45 device plugs.
  • The all-in-one tool chops, strips, and bows data cables from paired conductors.
  • Fragments at the level of the end face of the connector to exclude inadvertent bonding between the conductors.
  • Enchufes y aderezos Klein Tools RJ45 Pass-Thru Connectors.
  • Crimper 4, 6 and 8 perspectives of modular connectors (RJ11 / RJ12 model and RJ45 Klein Tools Pass-Thru).

Price US $ 13.99

Klein Tools 3005CR – Crimpadora de cables para cable de 10 a 22 AWG.

  • Crimps lone end caps on 10-22 AWG twisted metal wire.
  • The operating scheme arranged, adjustable, and places more crimp force in oppression repeats.
  • Three crimp recesses in one instrument: 2216 AWG (red), 1614 AWG (blue), and 1210 AWG (yellow) terminals.
  • The completed hook certifies a completed time crimp for a similar crimp every time.
  • Excellent cavity design that provides a solid grip from any part of the tool.

The price is equivalent to US $ 17.99

Thomas & Betts TBM45S Stake Mechanism Crimping Tool for 8-2 Copper and 10-6 Aluminum Plugs.

  • Shure Club Emancipation Tourniquet.
  • Rotary die wheel.
  • Elaborate nests regulated by colors.
  • Supplied with a crimp reinforcement end.

Its approximate price is US $ 195.00

12014254 – Crimping tool.

  • 3138 CT.
  • Packard Tool 12014254 extended warranty.
  • Metri-Pack 280 marked.
  • Size 20-14.

Price of this instrument US $ 99.50

Klein Tools VDV226-005 – Modular Data Cable Crimper for RJ45 Connectors.

  • Modular crimp sorting instrument for voice and data applications with RJ45 Pass-Thru device.
  • Heavy duty crimper crimps and splits Klein Tools RJ45 Pass-Thru connectors into assimilated conductor cords (STP / UTP round cables).
  • The wiring guideline on the instrument helps reduce wiring errors.
  • Fast-paced, reliable RJ45 Pass-Thru modular crimper positions connectors for affiliation applications.
  • Rutina con Klein Tools Pass-Thru Terminales.
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