Crucible tongs

November 2, 2021

In laboratories, not all implements are used for mixing and measurements, holding elements such as crucible forceps are also required. Its purpose is to hold and manipulate crucibles and evaporation capsules.

What is it?

It is a stainless steel tool whose purpose is to hold and manipulate evaporation capsules, crucibles, bottles, glasses and other objects. They are used as a safety measure if they are hot or pose a risk when handled directly.


They are shaped like tongs or large scissors. Its end is adapted to hold crucibles. They can only be made of metal to withstand high temperatures. To use them you need protective gloves since, being made of metal, they quickly transfer the heat from the container to your hands.

They are made of stainless steel and have a groove or curvature that allows you to properly hold the object or container with which you are working. Stainless steel is a highly resistant metal that you can wash and rinse in case of stains and spills.

Crucible Tongs Safety

Crucible forceps are a safety element in laboratories, they allow you to hold items at a safe distance, especially if they contain products that are dangerous to humans. Its grip is very strong and allows you to avoid spills.

Direct contact with hot objects is also avoided. They are of utmost importance to avoid burning containers, laboratory colleagues and yourself.

They are also used to manipulate objects with temperatures below zero, necessary in certain chemical processes.

It is important to remember that they should always be used with insulating gloves, they prevent cold or heat burns or, they can avoid contact with corrosive agents for the skin in case of a possible spill.

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