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November 2, 2021

The tools originated millions of years ago and since then it became the best friend of man, because they were created so that hard work is not so forced, but more practical and safe measures are used. As the human being was developing the technology, he was able to improve and create a series of new tools such as the clamp meters.

This utensil was created with you in mind, for the reason that this is an excellent friend that will allow you to measure electricity, so that your appliance is not damaged. Also, it must be taken into account that there are different types and each one has its specific functions, and in some models the use of a computer is required. But don’t worry, follow the following link: and you will find the  computers necessary for the clamp meters to do a good job.

What is a clamp meter?

It is a very practical and essential device for electricians. Its use is safe and above all it is simple to use, since it is used to measure various electrical quantities, and it somewhat resembles a multimeter; Unlike this one, it does not have a piece that allows us to increase or decrease the current, as is the case with the clamp meter.

Parts of Clamp Meters

This multifunctional tool is the most suitable for work with electricity, because its functions allow us to execute each of its parts. These parts are the following:

  • It has a screen where we can better observe the energy level.
  • Gag-shaped piece, in which the current is traced.
  • Its original design allows electricians or technicians not to suffer any current load.
  • Push button to freeze the screen when active; in this way you will not lose the result of the energy test that you have carried out.
  • Contains backlighting.
  • Button to discard DC compensation from DC current.
  • Trigger to release the jaw.
  • Piece to select the different functions available.
  • Minimum and maximum switch, to detect current, repetition and voltage inputs.
  • It has an input to verify volts and ohms.
  • Manageable energy filter.
  • In addition, it has a spectacular strap that you can place in your hand, so that it does not fall to the ground and can take the risk of being damaged or broken.

Function according to the types of clamp meters

The general function of a clamp meter is to accurately calculate the flow of electrical current; However, when they created the different models, they allowed to develop and improve this utensil according to the user’s needs. That is why we will show you the functions of this device so that you can choose the one that best suits your need when purchasing it.

 Current Transformer (AC) Clamp Meters

This is structured with highly resistant small tweezers; The material used in this tool has to be strong and that is why it is made of iron to sustain the pressure to which it is exposed. In addition, it has a series of wires that conforms to the figure, allowing electricity to be measured with magnetism.

Also by having transformers it allows the energy to be converted into a wave, managing to calculate the volts; but it must be remembered that this tool works only with the AC flow

Hall Effect Clamp Meters (AC, DC)

It has the amazing ability to measure AC current as well as DC current. Thus achieving a highly sought-after tool for calculating both flows; but the most surprising thing is that it uses the “Hall effect”, this consists of magnetic currents that are converted in the same way as transformers.

In addition, we must be careful with the conductors that carry the volts, which alternate the energy so that it can reach the coils and then can be processed by the meter cable.

Flexible coil current clamps

It uses an air encapsulation method; Unlike the other clamps, this one does not depend on cores of any energy-carrying metal, because it does not have any heavy or rather strong material. It is known as the flexible gripper which is an outstanding feature, since this allows to improve mobility.

Another characteristic that stands out in this device is that the uncomfortable circuits that we know today lie totally. The measurement capacity is for alternating current.

The best sellers according to Amazon

Pinza amperimétrica Fluke 323

This is a digital clamp that measures intermittent electrical current at 400 A, with an AC voltage.

It can accurately read the True RMS sensor. Its measurements to open the current can go up to 1.18 inches through a conductor.

The audible continuity conductor affirms that electricity is directed through the circuit. And it complies with the safety rule with codes IEC61010-1

Southwire Tools & Equipment 21550T

The type of reading is AC and DC, it is indicated for professional use, giving you safety with the CAT III 600 V

With Sensor that determines the voltage before doing any type of electrical work, and in poorly lit places you can have some comfort with the integrated work light that it has. Comes with all its accessories.

Triplett 9200

Reading with portable amplifier, turns off automatically and comes with a low battery indicator

Double compartment and cover that protects it from blows plus a protector for overloads.

Importance of clamp meters

In general terms, these types of clamp meters are necessary to know what measure the electric current has and the type of voltage that exists in certain areas where there are electricity problems such as houses, apartments, offices or schools. Also, in the industrial and commercial field where the electricity system is used more frequently, such is the case of shopping centers and companies.

When starting any work, this instrument helps us protect the electrical equipment that makes up the given place.

It is a tool with an important function that any professional in this field must acquire and always have at hand.

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