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November 2, 2021

datalogger is a data logger , which is why it is commonly called that way. It is an electronic instrument capable of recording data in real time. Dataloggers are generally small and portable. Its technology is based on microcontrollers and a long-lasting battery.

Datalogger, what is it?

Some data loggers  maintain direct communication with a laptop and for this a software must be used as an intermediary. This software is designed to configure the datalogger on the laptop and thus whoever is in front of the laptop will instantly receive the data recorded by the datalogger.

The configuration of the datalogger with the laptop is necessary to be able to activate and also be able to deactivate the samples that are taken, determine and interpret the data that it sends.

Having a datalogger is of great benefit but if we are going to highlight one of the many that this instrument offers us, without a doubt, it is to record each of the data, for a whole day and then proceed to the analysis without the need for a person to intervene. . The user only has to program the datalogger and it will do the job.

The datalogger can measure data for days, weeks, months and years without supervision . It is what makes this tool so special and unique. And also so necessary.

What are the uses for it?

As we well know it is a data logger. And it is used to monitor certain very important data, in certain areas that require it. For example, in areas where you cannot lower or increase the temperature, because it depends on that certain products do not spoil. Today it is used in various industries and thanks to the datalogger thousands and even millions of dollars in losses are saved each year.

The datalogger is a device that is used without exception in the pharmaceutical industry . And the use that is given in the pharmacy field to the datalogger is of vital importance for health. Medications, whether they are in capsules, in ampoules or whatever their presentation, need to be at a certain temperature so that their composition is not damaged and it continues to be useful in prevention and cure. But if any medication that requires an adequate temperature loses the continuity of the indicated temperature, it could become harmful or even toxic, or simply not fulfill its functions.

Another area where the data logger is highly required is in the cosmetic industry. Many of the frequently used cosmetics are sensitive to low temperatures. They melt, decompose and even become harmful for human use. It is for that reason that a datalogger is absolutely necessary in the cosmetics industry.

But today the datalogger is used in almost all industries and businesses. For example, large supermarkets, cold rooms, places where plants and flowers should be kept, fruit and vegetable markets, among many others. The data logger has become an indispensable tool.

What kind of data do you provide us?

Two of the most important data that a datalogger gives us are the most necessary temperature and humidity. We configure it and indicate the correct temperature and humidity started in that environment. If any of these vary, the datalogger will not only record it but will sound an alarm.

This device  stores the data and saves it in its memory, but it also sends the data to a computer and in other cases, it sends all this data directly to a web server.

Types of datalogger

Within the dataloggers we find a variety of them. There are those that do not need to connect to a computer, because they have a large storage capacity. Those that do need a computer, and those that send the data to a web server. There are also those that have batteries, others that work directly to the current and those that have solar panels. Another variety that we find within datalogger is the variety of data that can be acquired with each of them. Some are basic and only show temperature and humidity, but others show data such as air, pressure, and other data that are important for measuring the environmental conditions of a certain industry.

Two types of datalogger

Within the variety we find two specific types. The environmental datalogger and weather datalogger .

Environmental Datalogger

They are used to record and measure environmental data within an enclosed area. Such data specifically is based on temperature and humidity. The use of this type of datalogger has its beginnings in the pharmaceutical industry, but has spread with great success to the food industry, museums, offices, places where archives are kept and a large number of other spaces and industries.

Weather datalogger

This type of datalogger has been designed to store data from weather stations. This equipment has become indispensable to measure, record and study changes in climatic conditions. And on the other hand they are very necessary, to consult the climatic data in real time.

How do you store the data?

We are the ones who configure the datalogger to store the data it records. And we can configure it to save them in different periods of time, ranging from 1 minute to 15 minutes or more. This data can go directly to a USB, a computer or a web server. In most dataloggers, they are saved or stored on a pen drive.

What is the physical structure of a datalogger like?

The datalogger is usually a small device, generally portable. Similar to a mobile phone, only somewhat thicker, with a large display where the data is shown. A light that indicates that the device is on, a start or power button, a reset button (which is usually the same start button) and the most modern ones have a QR code generator.

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