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November 2, 2021

What is and what is the function of a  datalogger ?

The r egistradores data or  datalogger are electronic devices that monitor and automatically record environmental parameters in a long period of time, which allows measuring, analyzing, documenting and validating conditions. The data logger contains a sensor to receive the information and a computer chip where it is stored. The information stored in the data logger is then transferred to a computer for analysis.

The  datalogger  record and monitor various parameters such as humidity , temperature, use of three – phase and single – phase power, voltage, pulse, carbon dioxide, among others.

What is data acquisition?

Data acquisition is the sampling of the real world to generate data that can be manipulated by a computer. Data acquisition generally involves the acquisition of signals and waveforms and the processing of the signals to obtain the desired information. Components of data acquisition systems include appropriate sensors that convert any measurement parameter into an electrical signal, which is acquired by data acquisition hardware (such as data loggers). The acquired data is generally displayed, analyzed and stored on a computer or PC.

Benefits of Using a  Datalogger

The data logging can be done manually by constant observation. An example of this could be recording temperature changes over the course of an hour in a centrally heated room using a timer, thermometer, pen, and paper. However, using an electronic data logger is much more effective, accurate, and reliable than taking regular manual readings. It does the work of all the tools mentioned above, saving time and expense.

The time it takes to see the benefits of using data loggers or data loggers will depend on how the units are used. However, the measurable benefits of using loggers can often be seen in a very short time. Usually only one or two registration runs are required to identify areas that would benefit from additional attention.

 A datalogger is much more than just a data logger

Depending on the particular data logger , measurements may include air temperature, relative humidity, AC / DC current and voltage, differential pressure, usage time (lights, motors, etc.), light intensity, water temperature , water level, dissolved oxygen, soil moisture, rain, wind speed and direction, leaf moisture, pulse signals, plug loading and many more. A data logger can be a stand-alone single unit device that fits in the palm of one hand, or it can be a multi-channel data collection instrument equipped with one or more external sensors.

How do I use a data logger or data  logger ?

First, using the analysis and graphics software attached to the device, you have to connect to the logger or  datalogger  and determine how you want to configure the logger (which sensors to take samples, how to start the logger, how to stop it, among other things.) Then you have to implement the logger in the selected location, where it will record each time-stamped measurement and store it in memory.

After the desired monitoring period, you must reconnect to the logger and use the software again to read the data and display the measurements in graphs that show the profiles over time. You can also view tabular data or export it to a spreadsheet for further manipulation.

General and specific datalogger

People who are thinking of acquiring a datalogger should know that the purposes of these devices are very varied. The truth is that there are  dataloggers  for common or general purposes, but there are also for much more specific purposes.

The  datalogger performing records in general, carry a wide range of applications, but still are not designed to make records of specific environments. And the reason for this is that  general dataloggers do not have such advanced software as those that have been specially designed to record in certain environments.

For this reason, before purchasing a datalogger or data logger , it is important that you know for sure in what type of environment you will need to record with your datalogger .

Why do we find such a variety of  dataloggers ?

And the answer to this question is the following. It’s about precision. The more specific the device you are going to use to make your environmental records, the more accurate the data will be. So accurate, it could tell you that  dataloggers  don’t make mistakes. If there was an error, it would surely be due to an erroneous application by the user.

A datalogger is a basic need in the industry

These days any type of industry must have a datalogger . The minimum expense, which implies the purchase of this device, will save the company millionaire losses.

One of the main advantages that the  dataloggers  or modern data recorders is the ability to store and collect data automatically.
Another wonder of data loggers is that they work by recording and collecting data 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year without any supervision or surveillance. The only task of the user will be to program the datalogger , to receive the information for as long as it deems necessary and then it can be detached from the device. This can operate without any kind of surveillance.

Final recommendation

We have known of some data loggers or data loggers that have failed and this is due to problems with the software. For that reason, our recommendation is that before deciding on a specific brand and models of datalogger , you start by researching what you need, by German brands. These are the ones with the best devices and best software. Users always recommend German brands of data loggers.

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