Decibel meter, what is it and how to choose it right?

November 2, 2021

The main thing to understand what a decibel meter is is to know what it is in charge of calculating: decibels; These are sound measurements with the dB symbol, they are measured from the voltage or sound pressure and the electrical power. At first it was used to measure the sound in bels, a name given in homage to Alexander Graham Bell who studied the said bels, but as the fields in which this measurement is necessary expanded, the submultiple that can be used for a greater number of applications was applied.

Bels and decibels are not part of a linear system and therefore of the international system of units, which makes the measurement logarithmically and mathematically scalar or augmentative, usually dependent on the volume range used during the measurement.

What is a decibel meter?

The decibel meter’s main function is to measure the amount of decibels present in the environment and, in turn, transform it into a readable number that can be represented by the dB symbol.

The meters can be used to calculate noise pollution in industrial and mechanical environments and in the environment when it is at higher frequencies; as well as capturing the lowest frequencies in neutral environments. When making measurements the meter can also be adjusted so that it can calculate the frequency range at the same level as the human ear or at more sensitive levels such as canine ears.

In addition to this, the decibel meter is a portable, compact and battery-powered device, which makes it easy to transport and use it regardless of the place or environment. Similarly, this gadget allows you to transfer the records of each of your measurements to a device such as a computer or smartphone so that they can be stored and compared. Ultimately, the decibel meter has a digital display where it presents its measurements after capturing sounds in a microphone and displaying them with guaranteed high precision.

Decibel Meter Uses

It is generally used when you want to obtain a clear measure of the amount of noise pollution in a specific environment or for other more specific reasons. Here are the main uses of decibel meters:

  • Local. Whether they are restaurants, nightclubs or some other establishment that works with sound, decibel meters are ideal for keeping track of the total volume that is handled, so that complaints and even complaints from neighbors and close people due to the excessive noise.
  • Acoustics. In musical themes where neutral environments are necessary, the meter is ideal to calculate the way in which the sound travels and bounces in a specific space such as a recording studio. Thanks to the meter, the way in which the sound is transported can be studied to record it in an ideal way.
  • Telecommunications It is also widely used in this field, this is attributed to the fact that it is constantly necessary to work with sound tracks and the frequency and volume range in which they are transmitted must be controlled, as well as correctly programmed the power of microphones and musical equipment.
  • Daily. As with establishments, the decibel meter can be used in any private home, especially when there are parties or large gatherings where loud sounds may be present. With a meter, a level is maintained that is considered by the neighbors and avoids legal repercussions.

It should be noted that the legal level of decibels that can be generated during the day is 35 dB and 30 dB at night; so that the volume of sound emitted by a house is considered with the others in its environment.

Decibel Meter Features

Decibel meters have characteristics that allow them to work optimally and meet their capabilities without inconvenience; First, you can talk about the specifications of a meter, such as:

  • Measurements from 30 to 120 dB to calculate a wide range of sound.
  • Almost 100% exact precision when making any measurement.
  • Storage in the memory of the last 30 measurements made and in some cases transferring the records to other devices permanently.
  • Different types of measurement in addition to decibels.
  • It works with batteries and has a small size that makes it portable.

A factor that is rather variable in terms of meters is their resistance, weight and dimensions , in this way when purchasing a meter it is necessary to compare different models and brands so that a specific device can be found that adapts to the needs of one user or another. By meeting the quality, durability and size required by a buyer, you can employ the decibel meter with complete ease.

Advantages of this meter

There are different situations that may lead to the need for an exact way to measure the noise pollution that may be found in a room or place. To understand why a decibel meter is the best option in this situation, there are different reasons to consider it:

  • The meters provide precise and accurate measurements so that it is possible to comply with regulations on sound diffusion. Generally, workplaces may have regulations regarding safety and protection in relation to noise emissions that must be respected and thanks to the meters it is possible to comply with them safely.
  • They are simple and quick to use , which allows each time it is used to be carried out easily and without complications.
  • There are a large number of models and brands available. The wide range of meters offered by the market allows you to find the ideal one for anyone, regardless of their use, since a perfect meter can be found for any application.
  • It has a wireless or USB connection for immediate data transfers to collect all the data about the measurements made.
  • They contain a considerable amount of available accessories, among which is: the microphone, acoustic calibrator, a wind screen, among other implements that allow the meter to function properly and learn how to use it correctly.

Decibel meters are ideal devices for those who constantly work with sound and require a way to control the way it is transmitted and its volume in relation to different types of measurements. A meter can be used successfully in areas such as industries, premises and homes with complete comfort and ideally controlling its emission to the outside.

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