November 1, 2021

Density meters are instruments used to determine the relative density of a liquid. It is made of glass and consists of a hollow cylinder with a heavy bulb at one end that floats upright.

What is it?

A hydrometer or areometer is that measuring instrument that is used to determine the relative density of a liquid without the need to calculate its mass and volume. Hypatia of Alexandria is considered to have been its inventor.

This instrument is made of glass and consists of a hollow cylinder with a heavy bulb at one end, this allows it to float upright in a liquid. Depending on the level of flotation we can obtain the relative density of the liquid.

In light liquids a hydrometer sinks more than in denser liquids. It is common to have two different instruments for each type of liquid according to its density.

It is important to emphasize that in English the term to define this equipment is “Hydometer”, but despite this, in Spanish, a hydrometer is a different instrument.

Types of densimeter:

  • Lactometer: It is one of the best known density meters. It is used to measure the specific density and quality of milk.
  • Saccharometer: It is used to measure the amount of sugar in molasses.
  • Salimeter: It is used to measure the specific density of salts.
  • Baumé Areometer: It is used in order to measure concentrations of solutions

What is it for?

This device is used to define the density of a liquid. For this reason, it has different applications in various fields of work.

For example, it is used in oenology to determine at what stage of fermentation the wine is.

How is it used?

  • To use the hydrometer, just follow the following steps:
  • The hydrometer is introduced vertically and delicately into the liquid.
  • The device should be left at rest until it floats freely and vertically.
  • The graduated scale on the stem of the hydrometer should be observed in order to note the mark that indicates its level of sinking in the liquid. This measurement indicates the relative density of the liquid.
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