Double walnut

November 1, 2021

A double nut is a metal laboratory instrument that is used to hold different instruments such as rings, tweezers and others. It is made of metal and is usually attached to a universal support and to the piece to be held, which will also be a holding piece, but in this case, suitable for flasks, beakers, among others.

What is it?

It is a metal instrument used in the laboratory to attach other instruments to the universal holder.

It consists of two holes with two opposite screws, one of the holes allows to adjust the piece to the universal support and the other allows to adjust the piece to be held with the double nut, these pieces are, generally, rings, clamps, handles, among others.

What is it for?

With the use of the double nut you can attach different instruments to a universal support, this will allow you to make different assemblies for each type of experiment or process in the laboratory.

With a double nut you can fasten different devices to a universal support, these devices can also be fastening and will allow to fasten elements such as flasks or beakers for assemblies that can become complex or simple depending on the experiment or procedure to be carried out.

The main function of a double nut is to join to the universal support other more complex clamping pieces (clamps, rings, among others) and suitable for other types of laboratory implements.

Both screws must be manually tightened to the universal bracket in such a way that the nut and the part it holds are secure, thus reducing the risk of accidents.

It is essential to always check the fastening of the double nut before continuing with the assembly of the experiment, only then will we verify that everything is firm and we will avoid possible accidents, spills or unexpected chemical reactions.

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