Electromagnetic field

November 1, 2021

Have you ever wondered where the waves from radio transmitters, television signals or mobile phones come from? Each of these frequencies are part of electromagnetic fields , which are nothing more than physical fields, specifically sensory fields that contain compounds or particles of electrical charge.

Although we cannot see it, we are surrounded by electromagnetic fields on all sides, they are even present not only in electrical appliances in our daily lives, but also in nature. For example, every time electrical charges build up in the atmosphere, electromagnetic fields turn into storms.

What is an Electromagnetic Field?

The electromagnetic field is a type of physical and tensional field, which comes from the combination of electric and magnetic waves that cause electric and magnetic effects of attraction and repulsion.

These waves are capable of being transported in small packets of energy, called “photons ” from one place to another. These tiny packets of energy are originated by man-made and natural sources that are not visible to the naked eye.

But well, how electromagnetic radiation is produced in these two fields, let’s see each of them separately:

Electric fields are nothing more than electric charges that create a voltage, in this way the more the magnitude grows, the more the voltage increases. The unit of electromagnetic fields is volts per meter.

Magnetic fields, on the other hand, result from the flow of current that passes through the electrical conductors , being in turn directly proportional to that current. The more current the more magnetic field. The unit for measuring magnetic fields is Gauss (G) or Tesla (T)

What is the Electromagnetic Field for?

Electric energy has become an essential resource for society, which began as a simple test with a light bulb and a pair of cables, now it is a whole universe of applications and devices. Now, as part of those necessary resources, we can name artificial light, computers, cell phones, television, etc., but for these devices to work, they also need electromagnetic fields.

Electromagnetic fields are present everywhere and are produced thanks to the accumulation of electrical charges, for example a very strong current will cause a much stronger field.

When there is current, the magnitude of the magnetic field will change due to power consumption, however the strength of the field will remain the same.

Use of the Electromagnetic Field

There are several areas that work with electromagnetic fields, one of the most frequent uses is in the transmission of information over long distances , through radio waves of high frequencies, by means of radio waves, television antennas or radio base stations. mobile telephony.

Another of its uses is in the RF fields of high frequencies , of the order of GHz, this field is used in the microwave ovens that we use to heat or defrost food.

But not only in electromagnetic fields they are present in electrical devices, but also in nature, although they cannot be visible to the naked eye, the accumulation of electrical charges in some areas of the atmosphere originate electromagnetic fields that are perceived in the form of storms.

There are other types of terrestrial electromagnetic fields that originate the orientation of the needles of the compasses in a North-South direction, this location is used by birds and fish to orient themselves.

The electromagnetic spectrum is so wide that it is also useful in health, to diagnose the breakage of a man’s bone, whether due to a type of car accident, sports accident, etc., electromagnetic waves are used for the study of X-rays.

Types of Electromagnetic Field

Electromagnetic fields are divided into three types, depending on the type of charge. Let’s see the rankings:

  • Classic Electromagnetic Field

It occurs when a particle of charge “q” moves at a speed, experiencing the Lorents force. The behavior of this field is described through Maxwell’s equations in a classical way. In general, these types of fields refer to quantum electrodynamics.

  • Electromagnetic field in relativity theory

This type of field is related both in classical electrodynamics and in the theory of relativity, presenting a 2-covariant and antisymmetric tensor. Both components are reflected in two ways, a magnetic part and an electrical part.

  • Quantum Electromagnetic Field

When speaking of this type of field we must locate it in the Yang-Mills field, whose unit belongs to the abelian group U (1). It is also usually added to the quantum theory of represented fields, through an application that is assigned according to the space-time relationship, in this way the average field of an area is moderated according to a self-adjoint operator.

All this leads us to analyze that the types of electromagnetic fields are diverse and different from each other and this has to do with frequency and wavelength.

The frequency describes the number of oscillations per second, while the length refers to the distance between one or the other wave, therefore it can be established that both fields are completely linked to each other, resulting in that the higher the frequency, the more short will be the wave.

Characteristics of an Electromagnetic Field

Although electromagnetic fields do not have a physical appearance and are imperceptible, it is important that you know what they are made of, then I show you their main characteristics:

  • Electromagnetic fields are formed by all those electrically charged elements or bodies.
  • The packets of energy that propagate in electromagnetic waves are packets of energy known as photons.
  • The energy packages are originated by natural and man-made sources.
  • Electromagnetic waves travel at a speed of light of (300,000 km / s) and can make more or less oscillations in a second, each number of oscillations is called a frequency.
  • To measure the frequency, the unit of measurement of

Although electromagnetic fields cannot be visible, they can be perceived in various systems of our daily life.

Importance of an Electromagnetic Field

Electromagnetic fields are not new phenomena, they are bodies existing since the creation of the universe. These are physical fields that are present in nature, for example, electrical charges from clouds, static electricity, lightning and storms.

However, over the years, man has known how to take advantage of this resource to generate energy fields that help to facilitate our daily life, we are talking about the creation of low frequency sources such as power lines, wiring, electrical appliances and telecommunications waves. , like radio and television.

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