Field Meter, How to choose it and why?

November 2, 2021

One of the first discoveries on record is bioelectromagnetism. As beings that inhabit the Earth, we are all permanently subject to the various natural magnetic and electric fields that have always existed on this planet, in addition to some created by man. When we talk about the natural electric field , we talk about the earth’s electric field, these electromagnetic fields originally exist to protect the planet from radiation. The strength of the Earth’s magnetic field is not very strong and fluctuates from 0.4 to 0.6 Gauss, depending on the region.

Artificial electromagnetic fields that were formed by humans over time can be considered magnetic, electrical, or electromagnetic waves. The latter (those created by man) are born from the grooves that transfer electrical energy from each source of production to those of consumption, they also come from the (so common today) industrial and domestic installations, from communications systems: television, mobile or landlines, or radio. These generators of electromagnetic fields are more and more common in our day to day, and this means that the electromagnetic pollution that comes as a result of them, only increases as time passes.

What is a Field Meter?

A field meter or signal level meter is a piece of equipment (usually also called receivers) that is used by electronics professionals to calculate the energy and other quantifications of a radio frequency signal Said instrument or equipment is capable of converting electromagnetic waves into an image and demonstrates it through a graph. In addition to displaying the image and the graph, the field meter provides data such as the channels it receives, the frequency with which it does so and of course, the energy of the signal, which is measured in dBµV (Decibels microVolt).

Perhaps the subject of electromagnetism does not sound like something that is your business or maybe it sounds like something foreign to your daily life. But the reality is that our own homes have become increasingly large electromagnetic fields. This is one reason to learn about it.

The signals that indicate the energy or the intensity of the field can be seen in places as normal as the electrical outlets and if you think that you have never used a meter, analyze how the remote control of the television or microwave works. An uncommon but well known way of the utility of the field meter is in oncology machines or in the MRI exams that the doctor sends you to do to diagnose that headache that nobody knows where it came from. As its title says, resonances are carried out through a magnetic field and radio waves. A meter is important to make sure that the intensity of that field is adequate for the exam, and that it does not cause side effects.

How does a Field Meter work?

Despite being simple to use, field meters are only made for use by professionals, and it is that doing this work sometimes puts the worker’s well-being and health at risk; This is why (as you may have already noticed) doctors who work with X-rays and MRIs have a specific number of maximum working hours per week. Because exposure can be harmful. A field meter on these machines is what makes it possible for the patient to be safe. Our neurons and many of the cells in our bodies respond automatically to the earth’s electromagnetic fields, just like animals (and in fact, this is how many animals get their bearings). But fields that have been created by man must be treated with respect and caution.

To measure, these devices have digital displays where by simply selecting the channel to measure, it allows you to see the signal immediately and all its levels. In various studies, portable field meters have been taken (these are placed in the professional’s pockets) to investigate in which places the intensity is greater, what would be the effect according to the exposure time on the person and although this is not recommended one hundred percent, this is how life-saving conclusions such as machines that work with electromagnetism are reached. This is a matter of respect.


The first recommendation is of course, read the instruction manual of the field meter. Each model has its specifications, it is something to take into account. It is important to remember that voltages higher than 70 V DC or 33 V AC rms are potentially dangerous and it is necessary to study the maximum condition of the environment as frequently as possible, these maximum levels are in their respective instructions.

Like any electronic device, it is important never to obstruct the ventilation system of the instrument. Handle for signal inputs / outputs, especially when dealing with high levels, appropriate low level radiation cables. Take nothing for granted. Of course, frequently clean the equipment strictly and always following the respective recommendations. Take into account the following symbols and their meanings:

We also recommend viewing the information regarding the microphones .

There are insights that could save your life. And there are discoveries and gadgets that have been developed with a lot of effort (and big investments) over the years for which we should be grateful. It is interesting that since the time when Egypt was the power in the world, thousands of years ago, electromagnetism was known and answers and solutions were already being sought. But it’s something we need to be careful about. Naturally, the electromagnetic fields of the earth could not harm us (and it has even been shown in some theses that to some extent it is beneficial for nature), but those that have been created by men are not. That is why meters exist. The creation of field meters is something to thank science and man for.

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