Flow meter, what is it and how to choose it at the best price?

November 2, 2021

flow meter, also called a flow meter, flow meter or flow meter, is a tool used to measure the volumetric flow rate or flow rate of a fluid as well as the measurement of the mass flow rate. When used, it is generally placed in line with the pipe that carries the fluid.

In itself, the main function of the flow meter is to understand the behavior of fluids , it is responsible for measuring their linear or non-linear flow as well as their mass. It is used with liquids, gases or vapors so that they can be controlled and regulated regarding their flow and transport.

Types of flow meters

There are a total of 12 types of flow meters, below you can contemplate them:

  • Visual mechanical meter. Its structure is that of an inverted transparent cone with a sphere inside; When measuring flow, the measure is greater the higher the sphere rises.
  • Mill mechanical meter. The blades of the mill are in contact with the flow of the fluid and when moving they send readings which give the result of the measurement.
  • V-cone. This is a proprietary method but still highly recommended for its accuracy; it is carried out in the same way as pressure differential although it includes unique design features.
  • Electronic mill meter. This contains a mill that works with a Hall effect sensor, the way it works is with a magnet at one of its ends that when rotating generates a magnetic field that in turn a magnetic field sensor reads and transmits pulses through of a cable.
  • Differential pressure meter. It uses a system to reduce the diameter of the pipe (orifice plate or Venturi tube) in one of its parts and then it returns to its previous diameter, in this way the pressure decreases and the flow is then calculated electronically or mechanics; the higher the pressure, the greater the flow.

In addition to these main types, they can also be counted: Electronic Turbine Meter, Magnetic Meter, Vortex Meter, Positive Displacement Meter, Differential Temperature Meter, and Coriolis Meter.

Each of these models works in a specific way that can provide different results depending on its use; Likewise, each one can be adapted to the needs and requirements of each person according to the method they use.

Flow meter uses

This tool can be in charge of measuring fluids , that is, liquids, gases and vapors, demonstrating the force or pressure that it exerts, measuring and even regulating its speed and also avoiding leaks of said fluids in the medium in which they are transported (usually pipes ).

Being clear about their main functions, it can be noted that flow meters are responsible for measurements in everyday settings, which makes them important tools for their efficiency to fulfill their purposes.

The most daily uses of this instrument are some as unexpected as the installation of water and gas in homes. In saunas and thermal baths , flow meters are necessary to offer the usual services, being able to efficiently control each function that is necessary. It is even used in much more unforeseen areas such as shopping centers , although it should be noted that its main use is usually in industries.

The flow meter turns out to be an instrument that can be applied in many areas, both for its practicality and its efficiency, that is why it has such varied uses and at the same time essential for the day-to-day life of each person even without having an idea.

Benefits of flow meters

Using a flow meter in activities such as those previously seen can provide two main advantages that make this tool an excellent alternative for those who need to work with flow measurements. These benefits of flow meters are:

  • Security. A flow meter can allow the correct operation of the same flow as long as it has been calibrated and / or programmed correctly; that is to say, the meters can allow that the flows do not suffer leaks and even ruptures of the environment in which they are transported, in this way, accidents are avoided and continue working efficiently. Especially when working with gases that can be volatile, it ends up being an excellent tool that does not lead to disasters.
  • Saving of resources. The flow meter has the ability to regulate the expenditure of resources, that is, especially in the case of water pipes or gas cylinders, the flow meter makes it possible to take advantage of resources without wasting them, wasting them or being prematurely depleted in cases of shortage; for this reason it is an advantage to have a flow meter in homes.

Taking this into account, it is worth highlighting other benefits that are also quite useful of flow meters such as their ease of use and practicality that allow them to be used without complications.

Importance of flow meters

Especially in the industrial sector, flow meters play a very important role. The main reason for this is that they make work efficient especially in factories. Why is this importance? Most of the materials used in industries are transported as fluids, thanks to flow meters it is possible to transport these materials in a regulated manner and keeping an exact record of each of the materials.

In addition to this, flow meters make it possible to ensure efficient use of gases, liquids or vapors; In the case where it is treated with more dangerous fluids, it avoids possible disasters due to its ability to avoid any leaks and spills that may arise.

Thanks to its ability to regulate the flow, it is also possible to keep a totally efficient and exact count of the fluids, that is, everything that is transported can be controlled as well as having each quantity accounted for, be it liquid, gas or steam.

Flow meters are quite industrialized tools and even transferred to daily use, this thanks to the fact that they present various advantages and benefits as already seen, which makes them an important instrument in different aspects in a person’s daily life.

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