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November 2, 2021

However, there are so many dimensions that confusion often occurs between individuals. Among so many options, a4 folios are presented as the best alternative for common printers. Since the size adapts to letter type requirements.

In laboratories, practice and experiments are the daily bread. Especially if it is chemistry or physics. But when you have to write the results you need paper to document the information. It can also be used for various purposes, such as essays and brochures. And although it is more used in the office, it does not diminish its importance in laboratories.

Pay attention, because next, we will talk about the a4 folios. From what they are, what are the measures that exist and finally the difference between other paper formats that are usually used in practice. Knowing the details of the folios will make the difference between acquiring a good product, and another that does not meet job expectations.

What are a4 folios?

The a4 folios are paper formats that indicate a specific measure . When we refer to this spectrum, we are talking exclusively about the size of the paper. Which, broadly speaking, defines the subsequent use that is going to be given to it. In the laboratory it is usually part of the paper for the tests and the results achieved.

A4 is the standard size globally, so you will likely see this format in labs and offices around the world. It is also common in school classrooms, being the size required of students when submitting a printed work. Coupled with the fact that it has been historically related to letters.

What are the measurements of the A4 sheets?

A4 folios have their designated measure that distinguish them from other types of papers. In this case we detail: 21 centimeters wide x 29.7 centimeters high . Or, if we want to see it as inches, they have an average equivalent of: 8.27 inches in width by about 11.69 inches in height.

An easy way to know the dimensions of A4 sheets is by checking the Word formats, specifically in the letter size section. Which, as mentioned above, is the standard size for this type of paper. In fact, it is listed as an international format for both documentation.

How are the sizes of the sheets classified?

The folios achieve a classification in accordance with the ISO regulations , specifically in the 216 standard. Where it explains the respective division of the series of sheets referring to the groups, the Folios being class A. This regulation is a way of globalizing the use of paper and distinguish their uses.

Next, we will mention the measurements of the series of sheets to give you an idea of ​​the format.

A league

The A series is intended to serve as documentation paper, so each measure focuses on content printing. Start with the A0, which measures 841 x 182mm and is typically used for technical design. Then we have the A1, for advertising use and whose measurements correspond to 594 x 841 mm.

We continue with the A2 format, used for the area of ​​graphic design and photography with measures of 420 x 594 mm. Later the A3 format, where something similar to the previous one occurs, but more reduced, as for brochures, with approximate measurements of 297 x 420 mm. Finally we have the format of notepads, A5, with dimensions of 148 x 210 mm.

B series

As for the B series, the paper formats are not as wide as the previous ones. It begins with the B0 series, the largest that measures 1,000 x 1,414 mm. Then B1 707 x 1,000 mm, followed by B2 with 500 x 700 mm. Both models are used for large posters, such as billboards or concert posters .

Uses of A4 sheets

At this point you will surely have noticed that there are different types of folios according to the uses. Some share goals, but eventually adapt to what they were created for. In the case of A4, it works as a general model for documentation in offices and student works.

They are rarely used for advertising functions, such as billboards or posters, unless they are small. The above taking into account that the pre-established standards of graphic design are followed; where measurements do matter. Instead, A4 folios are geared more towards essays, letters, postcards , educational books, magazines, and finally brochures.

Best A4 sheets to buy

In the market you will find several options of folios to buy. Here we will help you with the alternatives so that you get an idea of ​​the type of product you are purchasing.

Navigator Eco-Logical

A well-positioned brand in the market that is responsible for the distribution of A4 folios in reams of paper of 500 units. Ideal for printers, student papers, office documentation, notes and more. The best thing about this product is that it focuses on sustainable design, so that natural resources are better used to offer high quality and performance.

AmazonBasics Folios A4

Amazon, in recent years, has released its own line of products to meet the needs of users. In the case of folios, it has not been left behind. These are folios for printers with dimensions of A4 and multi-use mode. Adapting to the needs of students and professionals. In addition to the above, it is compatible with various photocopies, phases and laser printers.

Liderpapel Greening

Another product focused on sustainable production that takes advantage of natural resources to offer a great result. Holds A4 sizes, with a total of 500 all-purpose sheets. Ideal for laboratories, copy shops, offices and more. Both sides of the unit can be used and enables quality documentation, at high print volumes.

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