Glucose meter, what is it and how to choose the best one?

November 2, 2021

glucose meter is a compact, portable device whose main function is to measure glucose levels in the blood. Glucose is a type of sugar found in the blood system and in patients with diabetes, measuring glucose levels is more than essential to be able to control the disease using their blood and ensure that their health is in the best possible condition. .

Glucose meter models

There are many models available which can range from the simplest to some more sophisticated, some with much more basic functions and others more specific, and each of them can be adapted to different types of diabetes and offer different alternatives when taking measurements. routine. The types of glucose meters are:

  • Capillary glucose meter. They are the most used, with a single drop of blood you can present the glucose results in seconds, the results can be seen in moles or milligrams over deciliters.
  • Continuous glucose meter. On this specific model they have a different way of working with respect to the previous one, they calculate the amount of glucose that is between the cells. The technology of this meter is very new and therefore experimental and not as commercialized.
  • Flash type glucose meter. This type of meter compares interstitial fluid levels (that is, the level of glucose between cells, just like the continuous meter), it is highly recommended like the capillary meter because of how simple and practical it is to use.

Aspects to consider when purchasing a glucose meter

When it is necessary to buy a glucose meter, different factors must be taken into account to ensure a good choice in terms of its price and how its functions can be adapted to the needs that are had. The main thing to take into account is:

  • Insurance coverage. This goes into the issue of financing to buy the meter and it must be taken into account how much the insurance can cover when deciding on a model depending on its price.
  • Use and maintenance. To buy a meter you must be sure that you can keep it in excellent condition and use it in the right way. You can check which one suits you best by contemplating different models that need different care.
  • Special functions. This guideline speaks mainly of specific functions such as larger buttons, test strips that are easier to manipulate, brighter displays, and even audio to suit different needs.
  • Customer Support. Most brands include a number that can be called in cases of need for help, it may be present in the instructions of the device itself or on its website that will be attached to the instructions or the packaging.
  • Data storage. Most meters can offer a periodic record of the tests performed and some even have the function of sending them to a mobile device or a computer, this way it is easy to send it to your doctor to keep the complete record for himself.

Importance of glucose meters

The importance of this device is quite clear in terms of its functions but beyond that, finding a glucose meter with the necessary effectiveness and precision is the most essential.

The first thing that makes them so important is that they allow you to trust accurate and concise results on the level of glucose in the blood, in turn, you can anticipate the results of quarterly tests (usually those commonly performed for diabetes patients) while perform meter checks daily as recommended.

Thanks to them, it is also possible to be clear about which foods affect the glucose level the most, so that they can be avoided, help to discuss drug doses with doctors and even alert about possible episodes of hypo or hyperglycemia, thus avoiding possible attacks that are harmful to health.

Due to all this, it can be seen why it is important to make sure to choose a glucose meter that has the necessary precision when conducting this kind of study, essential for those who suffer from diabetes (especially type 2).

How to use a glucose meter?

The way to use glucose meters is simple and does not present many complications. To begin, a test strip must be inserted into the meter; test strips are medical instruments created especially for use in meters.

After the strip has been inserted, a small puncture must be made on the tip of one of the fingers, you must make sure that your finger is completely clean and that you will not need more than a drop of blood for the test, therefore, the puncture should be very slight.

At this point you should gently touch the test strip with your finger and shortly after that the result will be able to be read on the meter screen.

Thus, in a simple way, you can use a glucose meter and obtain the required results in this simple test in a very short time.


Although the process is quite simple to use a meter, there are certain recommendations that must be considered in order to use the device correctly. The main thing to use the meter is to acquire quality test strips , it may be the case of running into sellers who distribute second-hand strips and this, in addition to being unsanitary, turns out to be unsuccessful to obtain accurate results.

To be used especially for the first time, you must read the instructions carefully and follow all the steps correctly; It is also advisable to have the presence of a health specialist who can guide you during the first test.

And last but not least, it is also necessary to periodically verify the quality of the product and that it is correctly calibrated. Likewise, you must learn to read the results (Moles or milligrams over milliliters) to know each of your results.

The glucose meter is one of the most important tools in the life of those who suffer from diabetes, without this tool maintaining control of this disease is not possible or at least very complicated. Thanks to them, you can see how it impacts having a device that can allow yourself to keep an accurate record and control when it comes to detecting possible attacks and even what the progress of your condition is.

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