November 1, 2021

Have you ever wondered what the goniometer is? It is a great measuring instrument that, in its beginnings, was very used to learn more about the position of the sun and the daily time. At present it is used in technical fields and in the field of trigonometry, to obtain sides and calculate data to be achieved .

The goniometer has different versions, one of them is made of plastic and is known as the universal protractor , for everyday use on a day-to-day basis.

It is not known exactly who was the inventor of such a wonderful tool, since several scientists started various goniometers. It is said that Arnould Carrangeot was the one who invented it since he created the primitive model in the year 1780.

What is a Goniometer?

The goniometer is a tool with a circular or semicircular shape, with a graduation from 180 ° to 360 °. It is widely used for the construction of angles and measurements, to check cones and to fine-tune machines and tools in mechanical workshops.

Its name derives from the combination of two Greek words; the first means angle and the second is closely related to measurements. It is a tool that is responsible for establishing the angular measurements, it has a rotating disk that is located on a symmetrical axis and allows the angular values ​​to be measured with total precision.

It is a very accessible instrument for anyone and easy to use , in relation to how necessary and important it is to correctly perform a large number of jobs. It is used particularly in the study of crystals, in surveying, broadcasting and other techniques and sciences.

What is a Goniometer for?

The goniometer has endless uses, it is used by doctors and even scientists . Its function is to measure angles, but it is also responsible for allowing a body to rotate in an exact angular position. It is used to determine the elevation of the Sun, to apply it in trigonometry and to calculate the time of day.

In crystallography it is used to measure the angle that is present on the different faces of the crystals. In medicine it is usually used to measure how wide the inclination of a joint is, in addition, they have been used for both military and civil purposes, with directional antennas to determine the direction of a radio signal.

It is also widely used for measurements in topography, communications, broadcasting, among other techniques and sciences, in which its use is of great help. Its reading is the same as that of any other measuring instrument , where zero is indicative of the transcendental level and the second value is represented by a line that coincides with it.

How does the Goniometer work?

As you already know, the goniometer is to measure angles in degrees, to achieve this the first thing to do is place the ruler supported with the end that best suits the angle you want to measure.

Then the goniometer support must be supported at the adjacent angle of the goniometer, the nuts must be somewhat loose to achieve a better handling and that it slides well. When the instrument is already positioned , the desired angle will have been achieved and from there, if you have knowledge of trigonometry, then you will be able to obtain the rest of the data you want.

Goniometer uses

As we already know, the goniometer can be used in a large number of fields, it is very common to find it in professional jobs but also in homes to be used in minor tasks , since they offer comfort and ease when performing any of these tasks. :

  • Installation of window and door frames
  • Cabinet and shelf installations
  • General carpentry work
  • Decoration of exterior and interior spaces
  • For any type of general construction job
  • Installations and pipe works

It is a simple but essential tool that is used in the processes of plumbing, construction, carpentry, crystallography, etc. for greater precision. In the goniometer is the necessary and precise utility , and this should be considered when assembling the toolbox either on a professional or personal level.

Goniometer types

It is necessary to know that there is currently a great variety of these instruments on the market , as there are several designs, among which you can choose. For example, there are those that only have the graduated circle, the one that has a circulatory dial with vernier for measurements that need greater precision and those that have the graduated scale to measure distances.

  • Universal goniometer

This is the most common model of all , it has the most particular and basic parts of a goniometer: the graduated disk, the base, the main body, the strip and its different fixing elements.

  • Communication goniometer

With this model it is possible to know the angle and the direction in which the communications data that arrive through signals originate. It is widely used by various intelligence agencies and by the army.

It is capable of intercepting a signal by getting and interrupting the input and output transfers, thus making it possible to listen to the transmission.

  • Audio goniometer

This goniometer is used to measure the amount of sound found in a certain signal. In general, it is widely used by engineers specialized in the area of ​​sound productions.

  • Crystallography goniometers

With this, you can make measurements of the angles that are in the different areas of a crystal. This information has a number of established applications in the identification of different minerals and rocks.

  • Scientific goniometer

This model is used in the study of physics or earth sciences in order to make measurements of surface tension . It is also known as the science-angle goniometer.

  • Digital goniometer

This goniometer does not lack any part of the universal even though it is digital, it has its strip, fixing screws and square. This model differs from any other because it does not have a graduated scale, but a digital screen that shows the measurements .

These are the most common goniometers, but there are many more models that are handled in different areas, depending on the need.

Goniometer Features

The goniometer is a device that has a great variety of designs on the market, sometimes it has two metal rulers that are located together, pivoted, which are used to measure distances. Others have a 180 ° graduated semicircle or a 360 ° circle and some have a rotating dial in which a vernier is inserted for more precise measurements.

It is said that the goniometer is made of stainless steel, but there are also those made of plastic , both perform the same work and are fully functional regardless of the material with which they have been manufactured.

It is a very well made tool and its structure consists of:

  • A base composed of three screws that serves to level and allow the goniometer to be placed horizontally
  • A fixed circle that serves to enhance horizontal angular measurements
  • A moving structure that revolves around the fixed circle and at the same time has a zenith, a circle of heights, also known as the eclimeter.
  • A telescope that is located in the previous alidade

In addition to measuring the axes, the goniometer is widely used by therapists to determine the range of motion of any joint.

Importance of the Goniometer

It is extremely necessary to know the importance of this magnificent instrument, widely used in different branches of science and in the technical field. It is used in crystallography to measure the angles of crystals and to calculate, with total precision, the angles in the branch of mathematics.

In physiotherapy and medicine, the use of this instrument is very precise, as it is used to diagnose injuries, malformations and their progress. In the field of telecommunications, this tool has contributed significantly, since during the Second World War, in this field, the use of the goniometer was implemented, generating an enormous advance.

At this time they were used by the espionage services and by the air forces that were sent to Europe. Once the World War is over, they remain paramount for clandestine espionage missions.

The importance of this instrument lies fundamentally in the area of ​​calculations, its main function being found in these, highlighting some of the most essential such as architecture, engineering and mathematics, along with the study of trigonometry, where the measurement of angles it is one of the most basic tasks.

In the market you can find a great variety of this magnificent instrument, you cannot stop having it since it is the best when making angular measurements, in any field that you need.

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