How does a medical laser work?

November 2, 2021

The medical laser is a powerful tool that allows to cut, cauterize or destroy tissues, by means of a beam of light stimulated via radiation.

There are countless treatments that this powerful electromagnetic wave instrument manages to perform , it has come to revolutionize the surgical process in a less invasive way and providing excellent benefits in less blood loss and elimination of scars as is evident in rhinoplasty results .

If you want to expand this information, below you will find the operation of the medical laser and its range of action in cosmetic surgery. Welcome.

Medical laser features

The medical laser has some specifications regarding the color and intensity of the light it emits, all in order to treat certain areas and tissues of the body. Three of them are specified below:

  • It has the emission of electromagnetic waves by their length
  • They provide depth and power in the emission of their light for the desired purpose
  • Intense pulsed light or cryoablation will be decisive in destroying tissues

How does the medical laser work?

First, it heats the cells in the area to be treated; According to the type of intervention, it will be the laser. Each one has a different color of the light beam, in order to identify and differentiate the manipulation power of the tissue.

The scope of this medical instrument includes the following:

  • Treat varicose veins

It consists of a focused application of a laser with a tiny emission. It is applied in the so-called spiderlings. It can last a complete section between 4 to 8 weeks.

  • Remove tumors

It is applied to shrink or remove tumors in focused areas. Your treatment consists of a small lighted probe that will be placed inside the area to be treated. It does not damage adjacent tissues.

  • Improve vision during corneal ophthalmic surgery

An excimeter laser also called ultraviolet is used. The thin layer of corneal tissue is removed.

  • Remove the prostate

For prostate vaporization, the treating physician will use the green laser, achieving specific and less painful results (heat) in that area.

  • Repair a detached retina in the eye

This treatment consists of eliminating the blood vessels of the retina, its intervention is processed with local anesthesia in drops or anesthetic eye drops.

  • Remove kidney stones

It is used to destroy kidney stones or lithiasis. It uses any type of wave: ultrasonic, electro-hydraulic or shock waves.


 Benefits of medical laser

In addition to providing excellent results in the aesthetic area, it is an advantage in terms of scar termination, vasodilation and risk minimization.

Among the benefits that stand out in medical laser treatments are:

  • Offers better results than cosmetic laser
  • The incision is precise and smaller.
  • Minimize the risks of blood clots
  • In the case of depilation, it reduces up to 90 percent of the hair
  • Post-treatment skin will leave it plump and smooth
  • Return to your daily life immediately
  • The most sensitive skins can be subjected to this treatment without inconvenience.
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