Children’s Microscope Made With LEGO

November 3, 2021

Scientists from the University of Göttingen, Germany, managed to build a microscope using only pieces of disused smartphones and LEGO.

The high-resolution device was used by children from 9 to 13 years old, who significantly increased their understanding of what was observed, which motivated researchers to get closer to minors and awaken them a greater interest in science from an early age.

In the case of cell phone parts, what was used were the camera lenses, it was an important advantage because they have a high quality, which allows us to build a microscope similar to the professionals but at a much lower cost.

Additionally, they designed a tutorial to guide the construction process, while learning about the optical characteristics of the device, according to what was published by Notipress in the article entitled: Researchers build microscopes with LEGO and smartphones for children.

The work team was attentive during the experiment and in constant contact with the children about their progress from the construction of the device to the observations to understand the microscopic world.

Building the main parts of the device was very difficult, however afterwards the children began to play with the device and adapt it to their own needs.

However, the researchers did not rule out that the toy is a good tool for adults that allows them to get closer to science, which can be an additional incentive for children.

The scalable model could be used in classrooms and homes around the world and inspire girls and boys about science, improving access to the scientific instrument could change the course of basic education.

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