Laboratory Oven Maintenance

November 2, 2021

The laboratory oven is a type of oven commonly used for dehydrating laboratory reagents or drying instruments. The oven increases its temperature gradually as time passes as well as its programming, when the temperature is optimal and stabilizes, the thermal will maintain the temperature; if it drops, it will reactivate the heating elements to obtain the set temperature; It has a control panel that shows the regulation point and the real temperature inside the oven, it is mounted on the front for easy reading, although some previous models do not have it, these have a graduated knob which regulates the oven temperature.

The maintenance of the laboratory furnaces must be carried out every year to avoid serious damages due to malfunction of parts, in addition it will allow us to adjust the temperature to maintain it with an adequate calibration.

Five things you should know about temperature ovens

  1. Laboratory ovens work in a range of + 5 ° C ambient temperature up to 250 ° C
  2. They allow to control the temperature + -1 ° C
  3. It is advisable to have a voltage regulator to avoid overloads or shorts within the electrical system
  4. accessories can be added inside the chamber (lighting, plugs, extractors, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, etc.)
  5. You can upgrade your oven to obtain a state-of-the-art or higher precision

Things we can help you with with your laboratory oven

  • Preventive maintenance for laboratory oven
  • Laboratory furnace repair
  • Oven parts
  • Laboratory oven upgrade
  • Installation of external systems
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