Laboratory tripod

November 1, 2021

In the laboratory, we not only need book material and complex equipment, but also holding tools that allow us to firmly and safely hold various objects.

What is it?

The tripod is a piece of equipment that is used in place of the universal bracket to hold objects in the laboratory. It is used in various experiments. It is a support tool that prevents movement. It is a team of three feet or supports as its name indicates. At the top it has a circular or triangular shape made of steel or mild iron.

It is light in weight and its height can be adjusted depending on our needs. On some tripods, the legs are angled for added stability.

An asbestos cloth is usually placed on the tripod platform to prevent the flame from directly on the glass and thus better diffuse the heat.

As you can see, this tool makes assemblies to heat, using accessories such as the lighter. They are also useful for holding any laboratory material to be filled with dangerous liquids or products.

How is it used?

It is used to support glass jars, glasses and other glass items during experiments and when not in use.

It is used to heat substances with the Bunsen burner. In these cases, it must be used with a heat-resistant or asbestos grid.

To use it, simply place the rack and the Erlenmeyer flask or flask and place the lighter underneath. You can adjust the height and then it remains to wait for the reaction to complete or the substance to heat up.

It is sometimes used as a tool to hold the asbestos grating.

It is advisable to always use it on flat surfaces, some can be adjusted to correct slight deviations in the surface and to provide greater safety during use.

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