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November 1, 2021

The laboratory oven or drying oven is a must-have equipment used to dry and sterilize glass and metal containers in a laboratory. It is also known as a drying oven and is classified into two types: By natural convection and forced convection , according to its mode of operation. They work between room temperature and 350 ° C.

What is a laboratory stove?

It is an equipment used to sterilize and dry glass or metal containers used in laboratory work. By using it, all moisture is removed from the containers.

In this chamber with a cavity, temperatures higher than those of the environment are generated, which allows all the humidity to be removed.

What is it for?

This instrument is used to dry and sterilize glass and metal containers from laboratory washing.

Sterilization is another process carried out by this equipment and is carried out by dry heat at temperatures of 180 degrees Celcius for about 2 hours. Glass or metal, when heated, by air at high temperatures, are completely free of any biological activity.

Characteristics of a laboratory oven

A laboratory stove is made of stainless steel, both in its exterior and interior, this provides them with high durability. In addition, they have a microprocessor that makes sure to maintain a uniform temperature and allows it to be graduated digitally.

In the market you can find laboratory stoves of two types:

Natural convection: It extracts the air from the environment in which the stove is located.

Forced convection: In this type of stove, air is forced inside the machine. This air is at room temperature.

How to use a laboratory oven

When working in a laboratory, it is necessary to wash, dry and sterilize commonly used metal and glass containers. To do this, the containers are placed inside the stove.

In it, dry heat is generated at a temperature of 180 ° C for about two hours, which allows sterilization of all the material placed in the drying cavity. This eliminates any possibility of contaminating biological activity in the containers.

Importance of the Drying Oven

Drying ovens have two main functions in a laboratory: Dry and sterilize glass and metal material used in laboratory work, in examinations and tests carried out in the same.

After having been used in any job, the metal and glass implements are washed and later placed in the oven for drying and sterilization, this leaves them ready for later use.

The sterilization that is carried out in the oven is produced by dry heat at 180 ºC for about two hours. This absorbs any trace of moisture and removes any lingering biological activity on the surface of these materials.

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