Laser Meter, what is it and how much does it cost?

November 2, 2021

Measuring lengths is a job that requires time and effort, but with the advent of a product like the laser meter , it has become easier and easier to complete tasks in a technological way. The philosophy of this device is simple: it measures the distance between one point and the other using a laser tape.

In order to use one of these devices, you must first place the screen on one end and activate the sensor. Subsequently, it is necessary to point out another point and perform the same action. Once the device interface stores the pointed data, it will present the distance between each intersection point. However, there should be no walls or some object in between, as it will take it as a point of reference.

Pay attention, in the next article we will talk about what laser meters are and how they work . Laboratory instruments that have displaced tape measures and have facilitated knowledge between lengths. Becoming those informative devices for tests within a chemical or physics establishment, or in the construction of a specific element that requires knowing the distance from one point to another.

What is a laser meter?

The laser meter, also known as a laser distance meter , is a device that works to calculate the distance from one point where laser light is reflected to another. It has two elements, one emitter and one receiver. The former is a point of reference, while the latter is a point of arrival. Each works by the principle of ‘time of flight’ or ‘pulse measurement’.

It is an indispensable device for calculating lengths, widths and heights at an approximation that exceeds 190 meters. Some less, some more, depending on both the type and the brand. They are considered very accurate when they are short distances, although in the long ones they also do a good job. It is a common ally of contractors, architects and professionals who manufacture surfaces.

Features of the laser meter

In the next section we will talk about what are the essential characteristics of a laser meter so that you get an idea of ​​the type of device it is and how it works.

  • The laser meter has a range that, as I named you above, differs according to the model of the device. Some have a limit, while others are more sophisticated and reach wider distances. However, the radius can be obstructed by some elements such as light conditions and reflection properties.
  • A laser tape meter is a high-performance device that falls within the select group of hard laboratory instruments. They withstand some conditions like dirt and dust. They also withstand falls as long as they have not affected the lens through which the laser is fired.
  • These devices are modern and have a display where distances can be easily read. They give the exact number of the length between one end and the other so that the person does not have to go counting or calculating, as it happens with other instruments such as the gas meter . In fact, some meters incorporate a touch screen to control settings.

How does a laser meter work?

The laser meter calculates the distance through the laser pulse emission from one target to another. The pulse reflects off the target and then emits another pulse at a specific point. As we mentioned before, it is a principle known as flight time.

The philosophy behind this concept is that laser light travels at a constant speed through the atmosphere. This information is recorded in the internal computer of each device which begins to perform the pertinent calculations to determine the distance from one target to another.

It is one of the best known length calculation methods and is the one used to measure the distance from the earth to the moon with a few centimeters. The laser meter is actually looking for the range from the emitting point to the receiver, which is why in some places they are known as ‘ laser range finders’ .

Why use a laser meter?

Taking into account the measurements made by conventional methods such as the tape measure, lasers are fast devices that save time and effort. Inaccuracies associated with a tape measure that is twisted or dropped are also avoided.

Also because lasers are beams of intense beams that emit at a single frequency. They are less likely to scatter like white light, which translates to good performance without losing intensity along the way.

Advantages of a laser meter

A laser meter is an accurate, fast and functional device with which long distances can be calculated over an area or on a large surface. You can go recording data in the internal computer of lengths that exceed 200 meters.

Nor is it necessary to write down each modification, since they are stored in memory and you can check the measurements made without any problem. They can also be used at night and on various surfaces .

Which laser meter to buy?

There are various devices on the market, so your purchase can be a headache. Here we will mention only the best ones.

Leica DISTO D2

It is a mobile-like measuring device that you can handle without any difficulty. It is characterized by being a long-range device, exceeding 330 cubic feet. It has an intuitive interface and a compact size that you can move from one place to another in case you are in the middle of a construction.

Measurements, which are fast and in seconds, are made instantly with the touch of a button. As for its precision, it has an enviable 1/16 that will leave you satisfied.

Tacklife HD60

Our second recommendation for meter lovers is the Tacklife HD60. A device calculates: distance, area and volume by means of instantaneous automatic estimations.

It features a mobile device-like design, has an LCD tab, and has a calculator function ideal for various distances. It turns off only after 2 minutes of non-use and can be calculated for distances in inches, meters, and feet.

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