Metal hoop

November 1, 2021

In the laboratory there are a multitude of materials and among them metal materials stand out, which have a wide variety of applications. A metal ring is a good example of this, it is a circular cast iron structure that is placed on the universal support and allows to hold other utensils that are going to be heated or are going to go through chemical processes that can be dangerous.

What is it?

It is a metal material from laboratories . It is made of cast iron and has a circular structure. It is also known as an iron ring.

This instrument adapts to a universal stand and is used to hold other instruments such as separatory funnels and beakers over direct fire , especially when it comes to chemicals that must be heated or when dangerous chemical reactions or processes are to take place. in order to prevent possible burns.

Another name by which it is known is: ring.

To use it, it is adapted to the support, the bunsen burner is placed, a mesh plate on top and then the container with the substance to be heated.

What is the metal ring for?

This device is used as a support to hold glass containers on a bunsen burner. It is used adapted to the universal support to use separatory funnels, which allow us to separate immiscible mixtures.

If you want to heat any substance or mixture, you just have to hold it to the support, place the rack and hold the container to be heated with it. It is widely used to heat mixing and substances safely.

It is also used in chemical procedures that can lead to dangerous reactions that generate heat. The metal ring or ring is in short, an instrument that allows us to work in a laboratory with the greatest possible safety by helping us to avoid burns.

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