Microbiology Laboratory Materials

November 1, 2021

The microbiology laboratory is a place enabled to study and manipulate microorganisms, working under the technical and safety standards typical of this type of place. Through microbiology laboratory materials, it is possible to determine which are the microorganisms present in any sample, taking extreme precautions to avoid possible contamination that could give wrong results.

In the microbiology laboratory there must be a place where the contaminated material will be placed, but it is important to know that these containers must be sterilized later . On the other hand, the samples that are contaminated should not be thrown down the toilet, the sink or the garbage can.

Each laboratory must have the necessary materials and instruments for the perfect development of the activities carried out in it. Likewise, it is necessary that there are quality control procedures that monitor the instruments and means to ensure the correct procedure and the precise performance of the tests.

What are the Microbiology Laboratory Materials?

Next I show you this list that gives you faster access to the most popular Microbiology Laboratory Materials;

In the microbiology laboratory, a series of basic instruments is needed to carry out elementary studies. These materials are going to be essential within this area and not only chemically but also environmentally, industrially and in food.

Remember that bacterial counting techniques, bacterial identification tests, bacterial culture, microorganism observation, mycology tests, and many others can vary in the process.

Basically the same equipment and material is always used, but it is extremely important to know how they are handled and what are the characteristics of each instrument that will be used in the laboratory. Also, know the sterilization processes to avoid contamination of the tests by external agents.

To carry out each investigation there are, in the microbiology laboratory, different types of instruments and equipment that work in the elaboration of tests, which involve the analysis of the tiny creatures and their microbial physiology , for which they are specially created.

Microbiology Laboratory Materials According to Their Function

One of the most important and reliable results in any microbiology laboratory is that the instruments and equipment are working properly. Only in this way is it possible to ensure that the values ​​indicated at the end are correct.

The necessary material before starting work must be prepared, placing it in the correct way to facilitate its use, avoid accidents and minimize the risk of contamination.

  • To size

Density, temperature and volume are the elements of matter that are measured in all laboratories. To do this it is necessary to have a series of instruments.

To measure the volume of a liquid there are several options :

The Pipette

It is a transparent tube that ends in a conical shape and is used to measure the samples that are taken from any liquid.

The Burette

It is a container with an elongated shape that works to transfer and measure liquids that are found at certain temperatures .


It is a container with a cylindrical shape that is used to measure, transfer and even heat different substances, there are measures from 5 ml to 10 liters.

Test tube

It consists of a graduated glass cylinder that is used to measure small amounts of liquid, it is closed at the top and has a base that serves as a support.

When it comes to measuring the temperature of any substance, it is used:

The Laboratory Thermometer

It is a tube made of glass with one of its tips a bit bulky, inside it has mercury that gets to extend and dilate with changes in temperature, allowing you to see the measurements on a graduated scale.

To measure the densities they use two different instruments:

The Densimeter

It is a glass tool that features a bulge of weight at one end that allows it to stay floating when in an upright position. It is used to measure the density of liquids without first having to determine their mass and volume.

The balance

It is used to measure the density of a solid body, it is composed of a load receptor, in it you must place the object that needs to be measured.

  • Medium

There are a variety of instruments that serve as support in a laboratory:

Wood clamp

It is used to hold the test tubes.

Balloon clamp

Used to hold the balloon flask.

Crucible Special Clamps

They are intended to hold the crucibles.


Used to support test tubes without slipping and falling.

Universal support

It is used in the assembly of many laboratory equipment.

Pipe Triangle

It serves to hold the crucible while it is subjected to the flame of the lighter.

Asbestos Grating

In it the glass containers are placed to be heated.


On it the asbestos grid is mounted.

  • Mix

To perform any type of mixing there are different instruments that can work , for example:

Test Tubes

It is a thin glass tube sealed at one end and is used to mix small amounts of liquids.


This type of flask is ideal, due to its frustoconical shape, for mixing by stirring, largely avoiding the loss of liquids.


It is a cylindrical container with a flat base that, in addition to being used to transfer liquids, is used for mixing and preparing different solutions.

The ball

Although this instrument is generally used to heat substances, it is also an excellent option for mixing any type of solution.

The Rod

It is a thin glass rod that is used to dissolve and mix substances in order to homogenize them, it usually measures 6 mm in diameter and 40 cm in length.

  • Various functions

In the microbiology laboratory there are also other types of extremely important materials, so that investigations and experiments can be carried out.


These are the equipment with which temperatures are higher than those outside.


It is used to refrigerate the culture medium, perishable reagents and serums.


It is used to quickly separate solid particles that are suspended in any liquid.

Platinum handle

It is used for the transfer of microorganisms from one medium to another.

All these equipments, which are used in a microbiology laboratory, are necessary for the correct elaboration of the investigations, without ignoring that there must be procedures for the personal protection and of all the apparatus and equipment.

Importance of Microbiology Laboratory Materials

Microbiology laboratories are spaces where microorganisms that are present in a sample are checked. For this, there must be a fully prepared environment to be able to study and handle them in the correct way, carrying out the appropriate microbiological study.

In the health area these studies are significantly important since thanks to them the possible causes of infection of numerous diseases are verified , it is then through these experiments that the effects caused by fungi, viruses, bacteria and parasites of different features.

It is extremely important to know that these laboratories must have the instruments and apparatus necessary for the proper functioning of the activities carried out in them. The people who work there must be aware of the potential dangers that exist, since they work with a large amount of materials that contain infectious agents.

They must also be trained in the techniques and practices needed to handle all materials in the safest manner. For this, it is necessary to know the safety regulations that must be followed in the laboratory, so that the work is carried out with the minimum risk of exposure, both for the personnel and for the environment.

In the microbiology laboratory, the different microorganisms that can be found present in the different samples that are processed in it are determined. As well as the clinical significance of each of these pathogens; analyzing the most precise methods for its identification.

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