Moisture Meter, what is it and how much does it cost?

November 2, 2021

The development of humidity meters  involves a series of findings that allowed the degree of relative humidity to be detected to evolve with greater precision.

What is a humidity meter?

To first understand what a humidity meter is, we must know what is humidity ? According to the dictionary, this is the amount of water, water vapor or any liquid that is present in the air or a specific material . Taking this into account, we have that a humidity meter is an instrument designed to calculate the amount of waterpresent in a specific place or material, in order to verify whether or not they are suitable for later use. It should be noted that each place or body has a humidity level of its own nature or altered by the physical properties of the environment where it is found and this in turn causes deterioration; For this, it is necessary to know exactly the amount of humidity we are dealing with.

The unit of measurement for humidity is g / m3, which is equal to grams of water for each cubic meter of air ; that is, the maximum grams of water vapor that a cubic meter of a type of air could possess at a certain temperature.

Using the moisture meter

Moisture meters are more widely used than we can imagine; Perhaps previously we did not remember to use one or we did not give it much interest, but it is good to know that from the constructions of houses, buildings or any structure, the use of humidity meters is of the utmost importance, since through these it can be given to know any damage present in the materials that make up the structure due to excess moisture.

In carpentry, a moisture meter is essential to ensure that the woods are free of moisture and thus guarantee quality.

We must also mention the use that is given to it in gardening and agriculture , since by means of these the amount of moisture in the earth can be measured, guaranteeing an excellent crop.

How do moisture meters work?

To understand the operation of a water meter it is necessary to know the following; water is a conductor of electricity , so when the material or place to be measured is damp, electrical energy is conducted through it. The meter will behave like a simple battery-supplied electrical signal generator. Taking into account the resistance that the material opposes to the electrical circuit of the meter, the humidity of the body under study will be known.

In the case of pin type meters , the bars or anchors of the meter are implanted in the material to be measured, the device measures the resistance in an electrical current to determine the moisture content of the material. Since water is a conductor of electricity, in the case of natural insulators such as wood or some fibers, a low resistance will indicate the presence of humidity.

For proximity meters , these are the ones that do not have bars or anchors, they determine the humidity by reading the variations of the electromagnetic waves emitted by the body to be measured. For a more accurate calculation it is necessary to take the reading more than once and use a correction table, and thus arrive at a correct result.

Types of moisture meters

There are different types of moisture meters, because as we mentioned earlier, these not only serve to measure the amount of water in a material or substance, but also in a place. Next we will present the most used:

Blood pressure monitors (not the one doctors use). These measure the humidity of the earth and are used by gardeners and farmers, since they allow them to know the amount of water necessary for their work to be effective. The durability of these will depend on several factors, such as care, type of soil and manufacturer’s house; although in general terms the range of their durability is 2 to 4 years , and in terms of cost they are a bit high.

Humidity meter.  Unlike the first ones, these are cheaper and easier to get, although they only indicate if the land is wet or dry, without giving any value.

To measure the humidity inside a closed place, such as houses, basements, garages, there is another type of tensiometer, which will tell you how much humidity there is, as well as the temperature. These are very easy to use as they stick on the wall. In addition to these there are other more professional ones, which are used in confined spaces, these are more complex to use and have a high cost, however the data precision is almost zero errors.

How to care for a humidity meter?

  • Store the meter in a space that is safe, clean, and free of moisture .
  • Do not leave batteries connected while not in use and replace as necessary, as running a moisture meter with a low battery may cause the meter to slip out of calibration and give erroneous results.
  • Try to keep the pins and meter clean with a biodegradable cleaner and use only external parts.
  • It is recommended to take the meter to the manufacturer or service center in case you want to calibrate or carry out any repair, in this way the guarantee and safety of the meter will be preserved.

Uncontrolled humidity can become a very serious enemy, since in most cases, it is the cause of the deterioration of materials and spaces. Excess water, water vapor or other liquid accompanied by environmental factors such as oxygen, corrode, oxidize and rot immediately, although there are components that prevent these processes, it is convenient to know that in the long term this would not help at all and end is loss of materials, structures and spaces. There is nothing better than detecting it and cutting it in time.

Now that we have understood the importance of a humidity meter, we can take into account that it is not too much to have one at our fingertips.

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