November 1, 2021

In laboratories and workshops, it may be necessary to heat ceramic materials to high temperatures, dry or calcine precipitates and other products. For this, muffles are used, a type of furnace designed to reach temperatures above 200ºC.

What is it?

It is a furnace for the firing of ceramic materials and the smelting of metals. In laboratories it is used to calcine substances, dry substances, melt elements and in control processes.

It is a closed chamber built with refractory materials. It has a door through which you access the cooking chamber, in it there is a small observation hole. A hole is located in the ceiling through which all the gases from the cooking chamber are expelled.

The walls of the muffle furnace are made of plates of thermal and insulating materials.

It is used when temperatures above 200 ºC are required and only refractory materials can be used inside it, such as a porcelain crucible, due to the high temperatures it can reach.

Types of Muffles

There are two main types of flasks, which cover any type of need:

Fuel muffles

They reach high temperatures. Its heat source is separated from the cooking chamber, so the sample is not contaminated with combustion gases.

Electric muffles

They have small ovens with hidden heating elements. They are used in laboratories, small workshops and dental offices.

Components (edit)

The flasks are made up of certain elements that are necessary for their operation. They stand out from them:

  • Internal cabinet.
  • Against door.
  • External cabinet.
  • Temperature controllers.
  • Control Panel.

What is it for?

The flasks are equipment designed to meet a wide variety of applications in different areas such as laboratories, control processes, heat treatments, precipitate drying, precipitate calcination and smelting.

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