Muffle Maintenance

November 3, 2021

This oven is used when it is required to reach temperatures higher than 200 ° C. It is necessary to mention that within the muffle furnace   only refractory laboratory materials can be used. For example: A porcelain crucible, due to the high temperatures that the furnace can reach 1200 ° C.

In this equipment it is very important to give maintenance every year, this will allow us to keep the equipment in optimal conditions in addition to prolonging the life of the equipment.

The 5 most important points that you should take care of in the Muffles

  1. The ceramic fiber that maintains the heat inside the equipment must be in optimal conditions, this will allow us to lose as little heat as possible, saving as much energy as possible.
  2. Voltage regulator is important to maintain a constant heat emission, avoiding unnecessary thermal inertia.
  3. Heating elements must be in perfect condition to avoid damage to the samples due to contact with the exposed element.
  4. Use suitable containers to introduce the samples, this allows us to avoid the damage that can be generated by roses with the coating or heating elements of the equipment.
  5. keep your thermocouples clean and in good condition to avoid erroneous readings and inaccurate temperatures.

We can help you with

  • Corrective maintenance to muffle
  • Muffle preventive maintenance
  • Change from heating element to muffle
  • resistance of manufacturing flasks
  • muffle thermocouple change
  • change ceramic fiber muffle
  • muffle repair
  • muffle control change
  • Upgrading equipment from previous generations to a new generation
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