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November 2, 2021

The ozonator is one of those popular units in recent years due to the benefits associated with its use. And although ozone as a natural cleaning agent is nothing new, with the advancement of technology there has been a positive reception from consumers for its portable form, ideal for installing in homes.

Tackling any topic involving ozone is not an easy task, especially since there are different opinions on its properties and benefits. Some claim that it is negative in the human presence, while others praise it for eliminating viruses and bacteria that accumulate in the home, water, and food. So you have to take the object of study with a magnifying glass.

However, to all this, what is an ozonator ? That, and more questions related to its medical and everyday use will be answered in this interesting article about an ozone generator. Pay attention because we will take different points of view highlighting the good, the bad and the forecasts that must be taken in relation to its use.

What is ozone?

Even before talking to you about what an ozonator is and its benefits, first you have to point out what it generates. Ozone is a molecule that is made up of three oxygen atoms . This is considered something ‘different’, since the oxygen that allows us to breathe and is in the air is made up of two atoms, being a strong structure essential for life.

In this way, when a third oxygen atom is added to the molecule, the ozone molecule is created, which is also found naturally on earth – we must remember the ozone layer – but does not have the same characteristics. than oxygen. For example, ozone cannot be stored, it is a weak molecule that breaks down quickly. Also when it adheres to other substances, it alters the chemical composition.

What is an ozonator?

Taking into account the above, we could define the ozonator as a generator of the three oxygen atoms to create the ozone molecule. It is a technological and scientific way to take advantage of the benefits and the natural composition of the molecule in order to positively impact the cleaning of bacteria.

What the ozonator actually does is generate a high electrical voltage, known as the corona effect, to artificially produce ozone. However, another component is also produced in the process: negative ions. The purpose of the ozonator is to eliminate bad odors, disinfect the air and purify liquids.

How does an ozonator work?

As mentioned earlier, ozone generators generate increased electrical voltage to break down oxygen molecules in the process. This is where the corona effect occurs , which is the splitting of normal oxygen to create new individual atoms that then join together to form ozone.

Another way that ozone is produced by a generator is with ultraviolet radiation. A process similar to that which occurs in the atmosphere where the radiation emitted by sunlight causes oxygen to divide into several individual atoms and then the union of the three main components of ozone is created.

Why use an ozonator?

Ozone has an interesting characteristic and that is that it has a reaction to organisms and cells. This reaction, in the correct amount , removes the structure that protects viruses, cells and fungi , adhering to them and changing their composition. What ends up cleaning bad odors from a home or bacteria from food.

Thanks to the above, we see some uses of ozone for renovation treatments of closed spaces where pathogens are found. It also works as a fungicide, eliminating toxins and bacteria in the air, which concludes with its purification.

Ozonizers are traditionally used industrially for closed environments, semi-industrial establishments where odors and bacteria are present and for domestic use for cleaning and purifying water and air .

Which ozonator to buy?

In the next section we will talk about which are the best ozonizers to buy, taking into account the following characteristics: price, quality and user opinion.

OZONOHOGAR Digital Home Ozonizer

It is an ozone generator that is digitally controlled to establish the corresponding emission parameters of the reactive compound against bacteria and bad odors. Allows you to disinfect fruits, vegetables, water and other foods exposed to corrosive agents. It is a portable, multipurpose equipment with guaranteed safety.

OZONOHOGAR Domestic Ozone Generator

Another great product from this supplier that is characterized by purifying units. It consists of an ozonator ideal for the disinfection of fruits and vegetables and works with a battery that must be changed from time to time. According to the opinion of users, it excellently eliminates odors , pollutants and is effective against fungi in closed spaces. It works by means of a current equipment, you must turn the wheel to adjust the time and then wait for the broadcast.

Vital Home Ozonizer

It is a portable multi-function ozone generator to clean food, footwear, air and other aspects of corrosive agents. It is one of the most popular products in the ozonator niche due to its high performance and great characteristics inherent in the work of eliminating bacteria, fungi and their assimilates.

It can be installed in any room where in just 15 minutes it will do a great job. It can also be placed in the car, work or wherever you want. It emits an average amount of Ozone of 400 mg / h , has a disinfection power of 3,000 higher than any type of detergent, such as chlorine and improves the air in closed spaces.

Is it dangerous to use an ozonator?

Unfortunately, there are several drawbacks related to ozone production, especially for human health. Some problems such as: cough, chest pain, shortness of breath, worsening of respiratory diseases and development of pneumonia have been related to exposure to ozone.

However, a large part of these problems is due to the amount of ozone that is generated. If it’s through low exposure, there may be no problem. In such a situation we recommend not being present when using the ozonator in the room and waiting a few hours and even a day if you are disinfecting the entire home.

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