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November 2, 2021

In case you have heard about the use of an ozone generator and you are interested in knowing what these machines are, what they are for and what are the benefits they can bring to our quality, here we will talk in depth about these products to make sure you have all the information you need.

Thus, in order to understand what an ozone generator, also known as an ozonator , is, you must first be clear about what ozone is . It is a gas that is found naturally in the atmosphere and which stands out for protecting the Earth from the sun’s rays, the ozone layer being well known , which has been reduced in recent years by other gases.

What are the properties of ozone?

So that you can be clear about why an ozone generator can be useful to you, first it is important that you are clear about the properties of ozone.

In this sense, you should know that ozone is a powerful oxidant that can serve as part of a cleaning procedure, which usually gives very good results. In fact, ozone cleaning is highly recommended because it is a process that is very good for the environment in which the use of any type of chemicals is avoided.

Likewise, we can also highlight the fact that this type of procedure is not harmful and can be very useful to prevent conditions .

In general we can say that these are the main properties of ozone:

  • Ozone can serve as a fungicide by removing different types of viruses, toxins, bacteria, and fungi by cleaning the air. This makes it very effective in eliminating any spores that may be bad for our health.
  • It is very effective in eliminating harmful agents and pollutants in closed spaces . In this way they ventilate and renew the air in said space.
  • Ozone cleaning is very good at removing unpleasant odors without the need to affect the pH. Thanks to the properties of ozone, it is not necessary to use any other type of chemical to eliminate odors.
  • Ozone is a gas, so it makes the disinfection and cleaning of difficult-to-reach areas more effective. For example, it is very useful to clean fabrics effortlessly and in a very short time.
  • Thanks to the above properties, ozone can be very effective in preventing and treating different conditions .

What are ozone generators or ozonizers?

Ozone generators are devices that can “create” ozone in order to use the properties of this gas according to our specific needs, whether it is to be used to clean odors, remove mold from the air, purify water, etc.

It is important to be clear that ozone is one of the gases that cannot be transported, since it is a gas that is unstable, unlike the natural gas that we use in our homes. When it undergoes changes in temperature it can transform into oxygen. Due to this difficulty in transport, it is more advisable to have an ozonator and produce this gas in the same place where it is to be used.

Once ozone has been applied, it transforms into oxygen and leaves no residue in the air. That is why it is highly recommended to clean and renew the air in closed places, as well as in the other applications that we already mentioned above.

What uses can be given to an ozone generator?

Previously we already explained what the properties of ozone are, which has clearly given you a very good idea about the different uses that it can be given.

However, so that you are more clear about the uses that can be given to an ozonator, we will explain them in detail below:

Water treatment

One of the main and most important uses of ozone is in water treatment , since it allows to recover waste or contaminated water in order to be able to use it in other fields such as livestock and agriculture.

Food industry

Thanks to the properties that ozone has to disinfect in a very simple way, ozonators are often used to decontaminate food, being able to ensure that they have gone through a deep cleaning process.

Restaurants and hospitality

Ozone generators are also often used in hotel rooms or inside kitchens to ensure good air cleaning and the elimination of toxins. In this way the environment can be kept really clean.


Ozonizers are also often used within the field of medicine, since they can be very useful for the treatment of different diseases or conditions , especially in the case of those that are related to the respiratory system. They are very useful to clean the lungs.


As we have mentioned throughout the article, ozone generators can be used inside the home to keep the air in the house clean, as well as to be able to thoroughly clean those things that cost us the most to clean.

It is a good option to make sure that the air we breathe in our room or house is clean and free of toxins.

What are the advantages of using an ozone generator?

Throughout this article we have been highlighting some of the greatest advantages of using an ozone generator, so before finishing we will review the main advantages of using these devices:

  • It can be useful to remove toxins and impurities from food
  • Ozone water treatment is very effective
  • Very useful to eliminate bad odors
  • Allows cleaning surfaces and eliminating pathogens
  • They are very easy to use and very effective

Now you have more information about ozone generators, so if you are interested in these, we recommend that you take a closer look at which ones are best suited to your needs.

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