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November 2, 2021

Whether you need it for work, study, or just drawing, having a pack of folios at home is a must. They have numerous utilities and are essential in document printing. 

But, it is important to make a good purchase when acquiring them. This, because some are not of the best quality and others, make it difficult to work with them.

That is why today we are going to present you the best folio packages.

Best folio packs you can buy

Many brands have, among their sales items, packets of folios. This is because they know how useful they are in our daily life.

Folios Pack: AmazonBasics

  • You can use it in your workplace or at home.
  • The leaves it contains have many uses. They are ideal for making good quality prints. No matter what ink is placed on it, it is very resistant and does not smudge.
  • This package includes 500 sheets. The size of each of them is A4, which is the same as 21 cm x almost 30 cm.
  • This paper is not chlorine bleached, so it is totally environmentally friendly.
  • It includes an FSC certificate , which means that, for its elaboration, the environment was not damaged.
  • The product includes a package.

Folios Pack: Navigator Eco – Logical Paper

  • This pack of folios is made with very good quality.
  • Product designers pay special attention to the environment. Every year they grow millions of trees, thus protecting our planet. If you use this brand, even one of the newly planted trees will be able to receive your name.
  • The size of the sheet is A4, which means it measures 8.5 “x 12”.
  • This package includes 500 sheets. It is distributed in boxes of 5 packs of folios each.
  • The leaves are thicker than other products, and are dull white.

Folios Pack: HP Everyday

  • Each pack of folios of this brand contains 500 sheets.
  • The size of the folios is A4 (21 cm x almost 30 cm).
  • These leaves are very white in color. So even the lightest inks are easy to see.
  • It is very easy to use in printers, as they are thin and do not get stuck in them.
  • The ink does not run, once printed on the folio.
  • You can acquire, for each purchase, a package.

Folios Pack: All Home – Smart Copy

  • The sheets in this pack of folios are 21 cm x almost 30 cm, or A4.
  • Manufacturers claim that their product is of very high quality.
  • You can use these pages to make laser and other prints, without any problem.
  • This product includes 5 packs of sheets, which is ideal, mainly, for work centers.
  • The product comes in a box.

Folios Pack: LED Atomant, SL

  • This product contains 500 sheets in each folio pack.
  • The color of the paper is very white and its size is A4, or 21 cm x almost 30 cm.
  • Each shipment has a package.
  • Easy to use in printers, copiers and much more.

Folios Package: Din Paper

  • With this product you can purchase 2,500 pages. These come in a box that includes 5 packs of sheets.
  • The size of the pages is 21 cm x almost 30 cm, or what is the same as an A4 measurement.
  • They are slim, so it allows it not to stagnate in printers.
  • They are manufactured taking care of the norms of protection of the environment.
  • The color of each leaf is nuclear white, so it can be considered almost perfect.
  • Easily fixes printing ink to folio. It does not run, so it is very good for this use.
  • Paper has among its manufacturing compounds, satin.

Folios Package: Eco-friendly Recycled PaperDinA4

  • This product comes in sturdy boxes of 5 packs of sheets. That is why you will have a total of 2500 pages.
  • It is totally ecological and recycled. Even the shipping box is eco-friendly.
  • The color of the blade is a bone white, giving it a unique look.
  • They are slightly thick, so they do not break easily.
  • Ideal for printers and copiers.
  • The size of each sheet is 21 cm x almost 30 cm, or A4.

Pioneer Papel Special

  • The size of the sheets in this pack of folios is A4 (21 cm x almost 30 cm).
  • Each pack contains 500 white sheets.
  • It comes with an FSC certificate . Therefore, you can be sure that the environment was not harmed in its manufacture.
  • It offers a very good print quality. The result is satisfactory.
  • The leaves are thick enough that they are not easily damaged.
  • This brand is non-profit, so the proceeds are dedicated to the diagnosis of breast cancer.

Advantages and disadvantages of folios packs

Just as a packet of folios offers numerous advantages, there are also disadvantages. Here are some of them.


  • In many of them, you can do print jobs without fear of ink rolling.
  • The leaves are white. This favors very good quality prints.
  • They come in large quantities, so you can use them for a long time.
  • The vast majority of brands are aimed at caring for the environment.
  • The average size is ideal for the vast majority of printers.


  • Some products come in groups of packages, so they are more expensive.
  • There are products that are obtained damaging the environment.
  • The size of most packets of folios is A4. So if you need to work with larger sheets, the product is more difficult to come by.
  • There are leaves that are chlorinated to give it a whiter appearance. Which can be harmful.

Recommendations when buying a pack of folios

Do you already know which pack of folios you want to purchase? It is important that you identify the main characteristics of each product. So you can select the best and the one that best suits your needs.

As you may have noticed, there are brands that fight for the well-being of the environment, while others do not. Select the one that is more attached to what you want, but do not forget to take care of our planet earth.

Some products offer more folios, or even a whiter color. Identify each of these points well, if you need it for a better result.

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