Cymbal Scale, How to choose it and at what Price?

November 2, 2021

We know as a Pan Balance one of the laboratory materials used for measurement such as the durometer , capacimeter, and others. This is an instrument that basically aims to determine what the weight of a body is.

What is a pan scale?

As we mentioned, the Pan Balance is basically a measuring instrument, with which the weight of a body can be determined. The same is done by means of its two arms, which allow to know the weight of two objects, but when there is nothing on it both are balanced.

This is one of the oldest instruments in use that there is, in fact approximately in the year 3,500 before Christ this instrument was used. It is a device that has two equal arms, which allow to know the weight of an object. Being the same considered a simple application object.

To use this type of scale, it must be placed on a rigid base. In order to keep the appliance level. Otherwise the weight of a body could not be measured correctly. Keep in mind that this has a cross made of rigid alloy, but at the same time light.

On the other hand, right in its center we can find an agate blade , which can be seen resting on a plate in the upper part of the central column of the balance. Regarding the cymbals, which is the most characteristic element of this instrument, we can say that they are hanging on stirrups. Which are supported by a blade, located at each end of the arm.

Cymbal Scale Features

Although it may seem otherwise, the pan balance is one of the most important instruments in the laboratory. So it is not surprising that they have one of this, to find the weight of different objects with which they are going to deal. If we want to know how to use this instrument, it is important that we know what its characteristics are. To avoid problems in its operation.

To begin with, we can say that the most outstanding feature of this instrument are its two equal arms with which the weight of an object can be measured. This is done through stability and balance between the two body weights.

Then we have the appearance of the balance with which we can immediately identify it. In fact, as a curious fact we can say that it is used as a symbol for a career in law or justice.

Regarding the measurement with this instrument, we can say that they do not vary, if we take into account the magnitude of gravity. But apart from this it should be noted that both the measurement range and precision can change when using this type of balance. Other features of this instrument are;

Excellent precision

Because this element is based on the balance of two bodies to find its weight, it is extremely precise or exact. We must bear in mind that if we take the precise or exact weight of an object in one of the two pans of the balance, we can know the exact weight of the body that is in that pan.

It is important to bear in mind that in order to carry out a measurement, two patterns need to be taken into account. In this way we can obtain exact and precision results without any inconvenience.

It is portable

Because this is a device that does not need a source of electricity or power to function, it is a portable and mobile instrument. To all this we must add that they are in different sizes . In this sense we can take it to all the places we need.

Easy maintenance

Another feature of this instrument is that it is very easy to maintain, due to its easy structure and operation . Thanks to everything, it is not that difficult to maintain, and you should not exert much effort to obtain its accuracy.

At this point we must also add that it is a very durable laboratory instrument, since it strange that it stops working, due to its simple mechanics. In fact we can say that this type of scale is much more effective than digital scales. Which stop working when you no longer have battery or electricity.

What is the Cymbal Scale for?

The operation of the Pan Balance, like the different types that are found, is to determine what is the mass of a body. In the case of this scale, we are talking about one of the oldest that over time has undergone some improvements. However, it kept its simplicity and ease of use, making it become one of the most important laboratory materials.

As we have been mentioning, this instrument is used to find the weight of a body by placing it on one of the two saucers. Then, in the other available pan, place mass weights to achieve that the Cymbal Scale is completely balanced.

How to use the Cymbal Scale?

The use of this instrument is not complicated at all, since it is a first degree lever with both arms equal. Thanks to this we were able to make a comparison of the masses through an equilibrium situation. Which is determined by the weight of the two bodies.

For its use, two known masses must be taken with a degree of accuracy with a small margin of error. Then one weight is placed on one pan, and the other body on the remaining pan. In this way we are able to obtain exact measurements, which do not vary with the magnitude of gravity.

To all this we must add that this element can be used in different fields, such as in stores and other commercial establishments apart from laboratories. Being used in this case to measure the food that is being sold. In fact, these can be found in some establishments where meat, fish and other items are sold.

But this is not the only place where this scale can be used, since it also has a home application . In this case, it is used by people who want to eat a healthy diet and are concerned about the added portions in their food. That is, in this case it is used to measure the ingredients that are added to a recipe.

If we talk about the laboratories where it is most used, it is used to weigh small amounts of reagent masses . This is very important especially when carrying out a chemical or biological analysis.

Cymbal Balance Types

In the market there are many types of Cymbal Scales that we can find, specifically there are two large groups, which we will explain;

Roberval balance

This is a type of granataria scale , being composed of five bars joined together. But they also have joints that help pivot. However, we must bear in mind that this type of balance has a lower precision. Being more difficult to elaborate than a cross scale. But it is faster and easier to use.

Classic cross scale

In this case we have a type of scale, which has two plates and two arms of the same dimension that are located at the end of a rod. Which in turn rests on a midpoint. When weighing an object, we must place it on one of the two saucers, and in the one available, standard weights are placed so that the rod has a balanced position.

In this case, to determine the weight of an element, we must make a comparison between both masses. Taking into account that both are balanced. It is important to mention that this type of scale is much more complex to handle, so the process to obtain the results is much longer.

Although there are clear and marked differences between both types of Cymbal Balances, it is important to mention that the necessary studies can be carried out in each of them. It does not matter if this is a bit old, in both cases the results returned by it, as long as we know how to use it, will be enough for those that we are carrying out.

Importance of the Cymbal Balance

As we must already imagine from all the aforementioned, the importance of this instrument lies in the fact that it can be used to measure the weight of different bodies. Something that is of utmost importance in many fields, and that has various applications apart from the laboratory, such as in our homes.

On the other hand, we must bear in mind that the characteristics of this instrument also make it very advantageous when weighing an object. As we mentioned, it is very accurate, easy to maintain, to use and it is portable, so we can take it to various places we want.

Apart from this, it should be noted that the Pan Balance is not affected by gravity, geographical location or condition that may lead to affect the result. In this sense, this is an instrument that has established itself as being of great importance in laboratories and elsewhere.

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