Power Meter, what is it and how to buy it?

November 2, 2021

You might often wonder if the stereo you bought for the party will be strong enough to run through the night, or if the vacuum cleaner will support cleaning both floors of your house without spoiling. When you go to buy these devices, the safest thing is that the first thing you see is not its capacity but the price; however, the price is rarely right with the quality of the product and if it will actually do what you need. What does define the quality of the product and whether it will serve you or not, is to calculate its potency . And you know this when you check how many watts the equipment has and, if possible, with a meter.

The power is nothing but the force applied to a body , multiplied by the rate at which said force is used. In other words, if you can do something faster than you did yesterday, this means that your power or strength has increased, since you did the same, with the same mass and distance, but in half the time; this when we talk about physical power, like an engine. On the other hand, we also have the electrical power , which is the calculation of the speed at which electrical energy is consumed and for this we use the unit of Watt ( Watt). When you calculate the rate at which electricity is being consumed, you know with certainty some important data: how much electricity you actually consume with each appliance, for how long, and this will allow you to understand your bills much better.

What is a Power Meter?

A Power Meter is a multifunctional device that calculates with great accuracy the direct current, the alternating current, the intensity of DC current (direct) and the intensity of AC (alternating) current and the power in watts. Meters are considered useful by electrical professionals because they have the ability to be handled very easily and you can use them to measure absolutely any appliance that runs on electricity or has a motor. There are potentiometers made specifically for professionals, having the particularity of being smaller and more delicate; and there are also those made specifically for the user, which are generally larger and stronger, since we know that we do not always use them with care.

You have devices that measure power of all colors and sizes on the internet, and for this reason it is necessary that you know exactly what they are, what they are for and how they work. Meters are simple to use and quite necessary, but most people fail to use them by not knowing them or by not understanding the function of power. Don’t let that happen to you. Knowing how many watts is the appliance you buy is as important as its price fits your budget, because the number of watts is what will ensure that it has the useful life that you need it to have.

Power Meter Utility

In both cases, it is necessary to know the power of your instruments to decide if they have sufficient strength to cover the work that you have destined, and in the range of time that you have planned. This is where the power meter comes into play.

As an example, if you live in a three-story house and you want to buy a water pump, you need to check how much power (how many Horsepower or HorsePower) the pump motor has. Only then will you know if it is strong enough to supply water to your entire house without burning yourself, or not. Since the motors are manufactured for different uses, the motor of a pump that has half a horsepower (HP) could well serve your neighbor who only has one floor in his house, but if you buy the same pump that he would take with you the surprise that it would not work (or it would be damaged in a short time), since that same half horsepower power does not cover your three floors, but instead you would need a pump with a motor of at least one horsepower ( HP) and a half.

On the other hand, there are also power meters in cycling . These are used to know the strength with which the cyclist is competing, his speed, his physical condition and even, seeing the numbers on the meter offers great feedback. It allows you to decide when breaks are necessary and for how long. All these data are vital for the athlete to improve the quality of their training and their races, improving at the points where the power meter indicates that their strength has decreased and maintaining momentum where they already show a good level.

How do Power Meters work?

Power meters measure or calculate the force of a component(hub, pedal axle, crankshaft arm, in the case of bicycles), calculate the tension between one and the other and multiply it by speed and distance. In this way, they offer specific data to the user and in a fairly fast way. For bicycles there are gauges to place them in different places, there are them for the rear wheel hub, there are them for the bottom bracket (or spindle), for the chainrings and crank spiders (although these are probably the least accurate), for the viela and for the pedals. Some more well-known cyclists use them in their workouts more than heart meters because they can even accurately know their physical condition during the race and their power depending on the distance. They are golden data for cyclists.

In the case of electrical power meters, there are many types to monitor the electrical energy of a single appliance or a whole set of them. There are meters that you use to connect individual bulbs or spotlights to check their consumption, there are meters to measure the electricity that is consumed, for example, ironing for twenty minutes at a time, and there are them to calculate how much electricity is consumed in a room or in the entire room. home. These meters are widely used today to make sure that the electricity companies are not charging more than the actual consumption, and also to take note of how to reduce your consumption , if the bills are indicating that you use more and more electricity.

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