Precision balance: types, prices, uses, characteristics

November 2, 2021

The precision balance is a scientific , industrial and domestic measuring instrument to assess the weight in detail of a certain substance or a certain object. In general, these types of scales are used to assess objects or quite small quantities of some material or some substance.

The use of the precision balance is highly required in the jewelry business, scientific laboratory, in the kitchen and in many other areas. In any of these areas, the maximum accuracy is required to be able to assess the material, since a small error in the weight, this could determine a serious error that in the case of laboratories, in the economic valuation or in the composition of a mixture, reaction or recipe.

Why one precision balance and not another?

The words precision and balance would be indicated for a precision balance . In the weighing industry, precision balances are the only tool that can weigh very small quantities . In this post, we are going to explore what are the functions that make precision balances different from other balances, their definition, their applications, and more.

What is a precision balance?

In the weighing industry, we define precision balances as “a balance used to weigh quantities to a very precise number, usually down to one milligram . ” They are sometimes known as “top load balances . ” The precision balances are available in a wide range of capacities from milligrams to kilograms. Compared to analytical balances, precision balances have higher capacity but lower readability.

What are some common applications for precision balances?

The precision balances have many uses in various industries. Some balances have a capacity and resistance level high enough to test materials such as concrete on construction sites with the readability necessary to obtain scientific results. They can be transported for use in field work or other outdoor settings, as well as on a laboratory workstation. The precision scales are used in various applications and chemical laboratories, and are common in laboratories for use in everything from physics classes are advanced to research in biology.

The precision balances are often used in the medical and pharmaceutical field, where its readability and capability is useful for samples despite testing equipment and chemicals, including drugs blood packs. Production is another industry where precision scalesThey are used frequently, just like industrial and manufacturing operations, as they can accurately calculate the weight of materials used in lubricants and oils. They can also be used in the jewelry industry to weigh gold, among other precious metals and stones. Trade approved precision balances are often used to create cosmetic products as they are accurate enough to weigh ingredients in small quantities and have the necessary certifications to sell products by weight.

Common functions of the precision balance.

The precision balances tend to have more features than other types of compact scales . The vast majority of precision balances have interfaces for communicating data to computers and printers . They often have multiple weighing applications as well, such as dynamic weighing, percent weighing, piece counting, and more.

Some functions of the precision balance depend on the models. Some are compact and can be stacked for use in small labs or classrooms. Others are much sturdier and have a large tray for use in the field, and some have the legibility needed for laboratory research.

How to choose the best precision balance according to your needs?

As always, you have to consider what the needs are before choosing one. Within the category, scales exist a great variety of weighing equipment, they have many different types of bodies, capacities and readability available. If you are in need of a balance for material testing on construction sites or heavy industrial applications, you should consider a stronger balance with a high capacity. If you only weigh small samples in classrooms or labs, a scale with greater readability and a more compact design will suffice.

Recommended models in precision balances

Sartorius Secura 213-1S

A balance for laboratory use, which weighs milligrams, is a Sartorius Secura 213-1S. This balance does much more than set new standards in metrological specifications . They are designed for people who work in regulated environments and need high quality results without any risk. With this scale model you will have the security and serenity of knowing that you have done everything right. Based on best practices.

This precision balance has very advanced features when compared to others, technology, ergonomic style and, above all, the completely new and easy-to-use operating design that helps work flow much more efficiently.

Sartorius  Entres 423-1S

This precision balance model features a new display overlay, a new microprocessor and is now RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) compliant.

This balance has a maximum weighing capacity of 420 grams and is incremented in 0.001 gram graduations. That is 1/1000 of a gram or 1 milligrams.

It has been specially designed to achieve effective and reliable weighing results. The user interface is easy and clearly structured.


Without a doubt, there are many models of precision or analytical balances that we could recommend. But the best recommendation I can make is that you look for a precision balance that suits your needs, whether they are for work, study or research. Remember that each model has been designed to adapt to the type of work you need to do. Personally and according to all the research carried out, German brands are the most recommended by users.

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