November 1, 2021

Pipettes are high-precision instruments that allow you to measure and transfer liquids from one container to another. To be able to suck the liquid, it is necessary to use the propipette, since with it we avoid sucking toxic or poisonous liquids with the mouth, with strong odors or that emit vapors.

What is it?

It is a rubber instrument created to ensure a safe transfer of liquids of all kinds, especially those that are corrosive, toxic, infectious, sterile or radioactive. They are used in conjunction with a pipette.

The propipettes are 3 to 11 mm in diameter and are usually made of rubber. They are also known as a 3-way rubber bulb or suction bulb.

What is it for?

It is used with a pipette to suck up dangerous liquids, helping to establish precise measurements or to transfer, in a safe way, different reagents and liquid mixtures.

How is it used?

  • To use it, simply fit it on the pipette. To extract the air, press the letter A and squash the central part.
  • To raise the liquid we press the letter S.
  • If you want to eliminate excess liquid, you just have to press the letter E.
  • If there is any excess drop left, press the area between the letter E and S.

You can also find pen or pen type pipettes. They are ergonomic, easy to operate and designed to be used with one hand. You just have to turn a small wheel to control the aspiration and dispensing of the liquid.

It also has a side lever that allows a complete dispensing of the liquid contained. It is a type of easily removable propipette for sterilization. It is resistant to acids and bases.

This type of propipettes are available in colors that indicate their capacity (Red: 25 ml, blue: 6 ml and green: 10 ml)

Currently you can also find electric automatic pipettes that have a speed regulator for aspiration and dispensing. In addition, they have a hydrophobic filter that prevents over-aspiration.

Some of these pipettes include interchangeable adapters of various types of tips, a low battery indicator and a built-in stand.

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