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November 2, 2021

The propipette is a highly important instrument within any laboratory , and is that before it existed, problems were not lacking in terms of the health of the scientists and assistants who carried out the procedures. This is because this is a piece that is attached with the pipette to achieve the absorption of any substance, which in previous moments was carried out with the mouth.Today, it is taken into account as a valued , necessary and fundamental piece in any experiment, since in addition to preventing health problems, it generates more exact measurements, which at the same time gives optimal and safe results.

Its characteristics, functions and specifications make the propipette one of the most striking pieces in any laboratory. Throughout this article we will analyze each of them.

What is the propipette?

Perhaps the name of propipette seems strange on some occasions, since in a common way it is better known as a suction bulb , which in basic lines defines what this element is about. The propipette itself has three pathways through which substances are mobilized.

In order for it to work, it must be placed in the upper area of ​​the pipette so that it generates suction without the need for the human body to have contact with the substances. It is necessary to highlight that in earlier times this suction arose directly from the mouth of scientists, which caused health problems since the substances to be studied are commonly toxic and irritating.

Each valve is capable of carrying out a process , so that not all of them suck or release, but rather work together until the necessary measures are reached for the experimental processes that are being carried out.

Characteristics of the propipette

Despite the fact that it is a basic element and a piece that at first glance seems common, the reality is that it has a large number of characteristics that make the propipette a necessary and functional element within experimental processes. .

The main characteristics of the propipette are the following:

  • The material with which these instruments are created is a rubber that is characterized by being highly resistant to any type of substance and temperature, which makes it work in any process. However, at the same time it is a soft rubber that allows it to be used without too much force.
  • Its shape is not standard, since it can be seen in two of them. The most common is the one that is observed in the shape of a bulb, while on more special occasions, they are used in the form of a pencil.
  • In the pen model, the propipette has a wheel that allows suction.
  • Each valve inside the bulb propipette has a system of small balls, created in resistant glass, which allows the area to be sealed and prevent the passage of substances.
  • Its size is standard: 10 centimeters in diameter is the largest that has been observed, which makes it a comfortable instrument to use.
  • The propipettes only work when placed on the pipette, otherwise they will not work.

The above characteristics confirm that the propipette is just an attachment that is added to the pipette, so without it, it could not fulfill its suction and measurement function.

How does the propipette work?

The propipette has two types of operation since it has two models that work differently. In the case of the bulb propipette , it has three valves where each one has a specific function, while the pen propipette has other specifications.

Developing the operation of the bulb propipette, we must emphasize that its valves have specific letters that help us to establish the differences between them. The valve A is one that allows air to be expelled from the instrument, the S valve is one that enables the suction of the substance and the E valve is that which allows the expulsion of the substance. If the two previous ones are pressed together, the propipette expels any residue of substance that has remained inside it.

What is the propipette for?

As we have already explained in previous sections, the propipette is a safety instrument that prevents the suction from the pipette from being carried out from the mouth of any scientist who is carrying out the procedure, since in this way the measurement is little precise and sometimes the substances are so toxic that they generate health problems in those who maintain contact with them.

Its importance lies in the ease, precision and security that the instrument provides, since measurements tend to be perfect, security is always kept out of the way and its ease of use always streamlines procedures. In addition, it is necessary to emphasize that thanks to the fact of being able to keep the substances inside the element thanks to its sealing system, the processes are streamlined, since with this the substances can be transported to separate containers from the pipette.

What is propipette used for?

The propipettes are laboratory instruments that are observed in a large number of them, regardless of whether they are chemistry, biology or other laboratories, since in any of them in which pipettes are used, these elements will make an appearance.

In themselves, they are used for the suction and measurement of substances of any type, although in general they are usually used with toxic, radioactive, harmful to health and irritant substances, since these samples are generally prevented from making contact with other environments.

In secondary and school laboratories they are also usually observed as they accompany the pipettes to be analyzed by students, with the difference that they are not usually used in this area with harmful substances of any kind.

Nowadays, in addition to being used for the suction of these substances, they are used to a great extent in other areas of production , such as the industrial and cosmetic sector, since they help to measure substances destined to the creation of products of all kinds.

Types of propipette

In addition to the main types of propipettes that we mentioned earlier, there are others that differ thanks to their modes of operation and safety, since although the bulb and pen are the most popular, other models have been emerging from them. that fulfill the same functions in an improved way.

The main types of propipette that exist today are the following:

Bulb proppipet.

We have already talked about this type of propipette, it is the most basic, popular and used of all since it is easy to use, its functions are specific and its results are precise. It is the one that has the three mentioned valves and its results tend to be optimal.

Pen type prop.

This is the propipette model that has stood out the most so far for its simple, slim and easy-to-use model. It bears this name since its shape is similar to a pencil, so that you can hold it as such and work with one hand without problems. Its resistance is incredible and it has colors that allow the most accurate measurement of substances.

Mechanical prop.

The mechanical propipette is one that works in a simple and conventional way, so that everything remains on the part of who is carrying out the process. It is important to note that when using this instrument, the accuracy will depend on who is doing the measurement.

Automatic prop.

Unlike the previous model, this propipette is one that is characterized by having an automated system that works wonderfully in terms of its results, and it is that in its interior part it has an element that generates the regularization of speeds, which allows a more exact suction of the substances. On the other hand, it has a filter that prevents the necessary measure from being exceeded in the suction process. Being an automatic instrument, it uses batteries.

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