November 1, 2021

The propipette is an element that was born to accompany the pipette in all its measurements, since in general it maintains the conditions of safety when a measurement is to be carried out and to ensure its specificity.

Despite being a piece that seems indifferent, it has a series of properties, functionalities and significant significance in all laboratories in the world , becoming that inevitable element.

That is why, from now on, I will show you all the aspects related to this element to use it and obtain the best results in measurements.

What is a Propipet?

It is also known as a suction bulb, pipettor, three-way rubber bulb, and three-way rubber bulb . This element is attached to the top of the pipette to be able to suck the liquids without having direct contact.

And it is necessary to know that when these elements did not exist, the suction was carried out with the mouth directly, which meant a risk when working with toxic, corrosive, irritating elements , among others.

In addition, it is a more accurate system because, using the valves that integrate it, you can suck or release substances, until you reach the desired measure without running any type of risk.

What is a Propipet for?

The propipetas serve to prevent the direct suction mouth compounds, and also, make perfect measurements with pipettes .

It should be mentioned that its vacuum sealing system allows substances to be contained within the pipette for a time, in order to be transported to other containers for subsequent experimentation processes.

This element works like a cuff which you squeeze to suck or release substances when you need it, so that it can reach the graduation site or, failing that, release itself once said measurement has been made.

How does a Propipet work?

The operation of the propipette will depend directly on the model of the same, if it is shaped like a bulb or pencil. The conventional model, which is in the shape of a bulb, has three valves and each one has a specific function. These are:

  • Valve A

This arm that comes out of the bulb allows air to escape from the pipette, which is necessary before making any measurement, as it avoids the formation of bubbles that can generate an error when measuring.

  • S valve

When you press it, it allows you to suck liquid up to the desired measure on the graduation scale of the pipette.

  • valve E

This valve allows the exit of liquid when you need to release the entire contents of the pipette into another container, for processing or when you simply want to dispose of it.

  • Valve S + Valve E

Squeezing these valves together removes any drops that may have remained in the pipette .

The procedure to make the measurement is as follows:

  • Place in the upper end of the pipette , the propipette and you will see how the bulb is inflated, to maintain the vacuum seal in the procedure.
  • Press valve A to release all the air that is inside the pipette , this valve is located above the bulb.
  • Now proceed to press the S valve that is located in the lower part of the bulb, to suck the liquid taking care that it reaches the necessary measure.
  • In the event that you exceed it, what you have to do is press valve E that is located next to the bulb, to slowly release the substance. Basically it is a matter of playing with the S and E valves, until you reach the desired line on the measurement scale.
  • Once ready, proceed to carry out the other procedures for which the substance is intended, in this case release with valve E, press S and E together, to completely empty the
  • Remove the pipette by squeezing the bulb to remove the vacuum seal.

It is a simple procedure that only merits completing the aforementioned steps in order. It should be noted that this procedure only applies to bulb-shaped models, since those that look like pencils work with a wheel system.

Propipet uses

The uses of the propipette are intended for the safe suction of toxic, radioactive, irritant, harmful elements, among others. They are commonly used in almost any research laboratory.

Its uses are the same as pipettes, as they are its main companion when making measurements, which is why we see it included in laboratories of chemistry , biology, medicine, among others.

In addition, its expansion in the industrial sector, in the measurement of different components, for the elaboration of an infinity of cosmetic and food products, among others.

Its use in the academic area can also be mentioned, as it is an instrument with which we have a first contact in the laboratories of schools , high school and university.

Finally, the propipet and the pipette have a universal applicability, as they ensure the safety of people in the handling of dangerous compounds, since they are a perfect measurement for completely optimal results.

Types of Propipet

In case you did not know, there are many types of propipettes that differ in the general form and system of operation on the eve of accurately achieving better results for the measurement in the pipette and better safety for those who use it. The most representative propipette models are the following:

  • Bulb Propipet

It is the one that is normally known to have a circular shape with three outlets, made mainly of rubber and which you squeeze to suck liquids into the burette.

  • Pen Type Propipet

It is one of the most recent models and completely comes out of the panorama that is known as propipette.   Its design is similar to a pencil or pen, which is more ergonomic, resists extreme variations in pH and has a more compact design and you use it with one hand. In addition, they have a color scale that indicates their measurement ability .

  • Mechanical prop

It is the conventional model and the one that we operate by pressing the tracks marked by letters, that is, the whole process is done by us and we are the ones who have to have the precision to correctly reach the necessary measure.

  • Automatic prop

It is an extremely recent model equipped with the highest technology, as they have a device that regulates the suction and dispensing speeds. They also have a filter that prevents the suction of the necessary measure from being exceeded. This model uses batteries and has a support that allows the propipette to be left in a safe place when we are not using it.

This is just a sample of the evolution that the propipette has had , because you can see how it went from being simply a piece of rubber to becoming an automatic device equipped with the best technology, ensuring almost perfect measurements.

Characteristic of a propipette

The propipette is an element that has a series of essential characteristics that give it the ability to fulfill any of the functions that I mentioned, as well as to position itself among the most used instruments in the world. The main qualities of this piece are the following:

  • They are generally made of rubber since it is resistant to many compounds and allows you to tighten it easily while maintaining its ergonomics .
  • They can be in the shape of a bulb or as a pencil, the latter has a rotating wheel to make the suction.
  • This model was born after the pipette as a way to prevent people who handle it from sucking substances with their mouths.
  • Its valves have a system of balls made of glass that allow it to vacuum seal to the
  • It is a small element as it is usually not larger than 10 cm in diameter.
  • The pen-shaped propipettes feature a color scale that lets you know the maximum suction capacity.
  • They are attached to the top of the pipettes only.
  • It is an annex element because without the pipette it would not fulfill any function, hence its name of
  • The parts are the central bulb and the three valves on the sides for conventional models.

The propipettes are simply an attached but indispensable device to make a safe suction. Best of all, it is the ingenuity of the creator in making such a small part with mechanical operation through valves.

Importance of a propipette

The propipettes have a transcendental importance in the world, since they have almost completely reduced the accidents that were generated before with the use of pipettes with the mouth.

In addition, since their birth they have been an infallible element that guarantees the quality of the measurements since it allows us to better concentrate on the measurement since we can see it directly while using the propipette .

We even see how today this element has reached an abysmal development with the help of the technology offered by this 21st century to be automatic and basically do this precision work by itself.

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