Scientific apps

November 2, 2021

Smart devices are here to stay and with them a series of important benefits for humanity, such as applications. And it is that just by doing a quick search on the web you will realize the amount of Apps that exist.

Focused on various topics such as: sports, technology, entertainment and games. However, among those mentioned above we must highlight the scientific Apps , interactive and intuitive programs that allow users to have fun and learn.

But which are the best? that and more questions will be answered in the following Scientific Apps guide that we have prepared for you. We will name applications focused on scientific dissemination, scientific learning and tools for the scientific area.

We also invite you to check where you will find Apps from various niches and their respective ratings to increase your inventory of exciting, intuitive and fun applications.

Scientific apps

Gene Screen

Genetics is an interesting topic that many people overlook in high school. Knowing how genetic traits are inherited is an adventure that offers answers to various issues that previously seemed unknown. With this application you will learn all about genetics through a series of simple and easy to understand injuries. Even for those who do not have any knowledge on the subject.


When it comes to chemistry, the periodic table is a fundamental element that will accompany you from high school to work. And although you can find images on the web, nothing better than having all the related information about that chemical tool that collects minerals, gases and other elements of the planet. It has a fast and intuitive search engine to quickly locate elements of the table using filters such as number and atomic weight.

Chemist: Virtual Laboratory

Have you ever thought about having a laboratory? If the answer is yes, download this scientific App, create ‘practice rooms’ and perform fun and exciting chemical experiments. Although popular in the youth community, it is also an ideal program for teachers who wish to develop a study schedule with various mixtures and chemicals using procedures that simulate real life.

Starfall Catalyst

Who says science can’t be fun? Such is the case of this game focused on entertainment and educational learning through chemical and biological challenges. The mechanics is to complete challenge and overcome problems to pass the level.

In addition to being one of the most popular science apps, it also works for teachers who want to introduce children to the world of science. Or for parents who want to capture the attention of their children and encourage them to learn about science.


They say the best way to learn about science is by talking to those who know. And that is precisely what you will do in this scientific application, since it works as a kind of social network for lovers of scientific dissemination . Like chemistry, physics and biology. Within the program you will find a news section with the main news in the world. Including research, discoveries, approved protocols, and more.

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