November 1, 2021

The soldering iron is an electric tool used for welding metals or thermoplastic materials. This instrument is very easy to use, it is composed of a set of metallic elements, which when heated are capable of melting materials such as tin, gold, iron, among others.

Welding is understood as the process by which two materials are joined by means of coalescence or fusion. It is a manufacturing process that consists of the union of two materials, which can be metals or thermoplastics, when melted, they can join each other.

What is the Cautín?

The soldering iron or also called an electric or pencil soldering iron , is a device used to solder materials in electrical and electronic circuits. In general, it is an indispensable work tool for all those people who work in electronics.

This tool is very simple to use, we can find a great variety of brands and models, however, a differentiating element of each one is the operating power of the heater , which is proportional to the heat generated.

Soldering irons are tools that convert electrical energy into heat , all this happens because these electrical equipment pass the current through a resistance, causing the tip to heat up and obtain the indicated temperature. Its operating structure is derived from high-strength nickel or chromium wire compounds, which are wound around a copper core.

The soldering irons transmit heat through their tip made of stainless steel, which transfers the temperature to the junction points and to the soft solder, these conduction processes are carried out at about 300 ° C.

What is a soldering iron for?

The soldering iron is an electrical equipment used to weld or join metals in electronic circuits. This tool is also used as a pyrograph, that is, a procedure that consists of burning a support of materials such as paper, cardboard, wood in order to mark a drawing on the surface.

Soldering irons are designed by a series of pieces that make up an electrical circuit, all these elements generate heat, which also serves to melt some soft metals.

In general, the soldering irons used in electronic processes are of low power, we can get them between 25, 40 or 60 W.

These are fed from a public 120 or 220 VAC network, due to this power, the metals that must be used in these works must be delicate, for example, in these cases the soldering iron is used to make assemblies or repairs.

Uses of Soldering Iron

The soldering iron or also called pencil soldering iron, is used to solder electrical circuits and some metals. This tool is widely used by electronics experimenters, as it makes it easy to carry out various processes.

But why are soldering irons capable of generating heat? This equipment, when it passes through the electric current, makes the tip heat up and reaches the indicated temperature, additionally this device contains in its copper core a high-resistance nickel-chromium wire that transmits the conduction and subsequent welding of the materials.

According to the type of material to be welded, the appropriate soldering iron must be selected. Therefore, when establishing the purchase of the equipment, the nominal power of the equipment must be taken into account.

How does El Cautín work?

Using a soldering iron is very simple, however, it is necessary to take into account some factors to make the welding of this equipment more successful.

  • The first thing you should take into account is to adjust the temperature of the soldering iron, select the necessary power to heat the surface, but without exceeding it since it could cause damage to the board or its components (750 ° F 25 ° F).
  • Determine the amount of thermal mass that the material you want to weld has, all this since if it is a very large or dense metal, a large tip or a longer heating time is required.
  • Check that the surface to be welded is clean , as well as the tip of the soldering iron.
  • Determine the exact point where the thermal bonding of both materials will occur. Note that you will have better results if you bridge the heat between the component and the track of the board.
  • Set a time for welding, generally the approximate time to apply the heat is 2 seconds, since prolonging it more can damage the components of the material and the soldering iron.
  • Once you have all these steps ready, proceed to connect the soldering iron to an electrical current and tilt the instrument from 30 to 50 degrees.
  • Proceed to apply the solder between the tip of the soldering iron and the joint you want to solder, for 2 seconds.
  • Make sure the solder is covering the area around the joint.
  • Proceed to remove the solder, and wait for it to harden, avoid blowing.
  • Remove the soldering iron
  • Excess particles can be cleaned with alcohol

To ensure that this tool meets the desired results, it is necessary to take into account these recommendations, the proper use of this equipment will depend on its effectiveness.

Soldering Iron Types

There are different types of soldering irons, however, they are classified according to their operation and shape, then I show you what they are:

  • Resistance Soldering Iron

This soldering iron is shaped like a hammer, rod, tip, etc., it has a copper tip that heats up thanks to an electrical resistance, allowing the temperature to be persistent . Regarding its operation, it can be used for different uses.

  • Instant Soldering Iron

It is shaped like a gun and contains a button that, when released, allows the materials to be worked to solidify. This soldering iron has the peculiarity of heating quickly , which is ideal for those jobs that require speed.

By knowing each of the soldering irons found in a laboratory, you will be able to identify them in a simple way, in addition, you will be able to identify which one is the best for the type of measurement you need to perform.

Cautín Characteristics

The soldering iron is a tool that has been made with essential materials that guarantee the heating you need to join two metals, below you know the main characteristics:

  • They are power tools
  • It is made up of a copper tip attached to a metal tube.
  • The internal part of the soldering iron has an electrical heating resistance
  • It has an insulating plastic handle, where a cable comes out to establish the electrical connection

As we have already seen, it is very easy to recognize soldering irons by their structure and model, however, depending on the type of work you want to do, you will have to select the most appropriate one.

Importance of Soldering Iron

Soldering irons are very useful electrical equipment for the field of electronics, they are instruments that facilitate the execution of various processes such as welding or joining of materials.

It is essential that before using the soldering irons you have knowledge of their correct use, so you will avoid accidents such as being burned or damaging the materials to be welded.

One way to avoid this type of accident is to use special soldering irons that contain a base for temperature control, thanks to this feature you can adjust the amount of heat necessary to weld the materials.

Soldering irons are very useful instruments in electronics laboratories, manufacturing of technology equipment, etc. Before making the purchase of your equipment, look at its characteristics and how useful it can be for what you need.

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