November 1, 2021

At the level of research and science in its different areas, laboratory equipment and instruments are used , among them is the Spectrometer, an instrument of great importance within the area, all the equipment used within the laboratory fulfills certain functions.

The Spectrometer is one of them, which is responsible for measuring and decomposing light through the length of the electromagnetic wave.

What is a spectrometer?

It is an optical instrument that is used to measure the various properties that light has over some space in the electromagnetic spectrum. It is used to perform spectroscopic analysis in order to know and identify some types of materials.

It takes into account the measured variable , which is the intensity of the light or the state of polarization. Likewise, the independent variable that is length that exists in the wave of light, and is determined in meter or unit.

What is a spectrometer for?

The spectrometer is a laboratory equipment that is used to measure the decomposition of light through various wavelengths, it is formed from the refraction phenomenon that develops in the prism or from the diffraction of light.

Its use is essential to help give some report on the origin of the sample, as well as to indicate how much substance is in the sample.

How does a spectrometer work?

A spectrometer is an instrument that measures and collects light waves , uses them to determine what type of material develops that energy, in order to create a frequency spectrum.

When the sample is in the apparatus, it is placed hot enough and emits visible light at one or more points on the electromagnetic spectrum. Then the waves of light that enter into the colors that their components show are divided, to then emit which is the material that creates the light.

The design of a simple spectrometer is based on a single screen, the diffraction grating, and the photodetectors. The screen helps the light beam reach the interior of the spectrometer, it passes through a diffraction grating.

There are many spectrometers that also have a collimating mirror that can produce very consistent and parallel light waves, and they are more specific.

Spectrometer Uses

A spectrometer is used to carry out the technique of spectroscopy , which is responsible for producing spectral lines and being able to measure wavelengths and intensities.

This laboratory instrument is used to determine the variety of lengths through wave, X-ray, gamma ray and far infrared.

In astronomy, for example, they are used a lot because they can be installed in the focus of telescopes, and obtain better visibility. It is important that you know that these can be installed in two different spaces, both in terrestrial observatories and in spacecraft.

At an acoustic level, a spectrometer can convert a sound wave into a sound spectrogram. The first acoustic spectrometer was developed during World War II, where it was used for speech, phonetics, and audiological research . It was later replaced by digital signal processing techniques.

In the same way, it can be used for the analysis of metals , allowing to know and determine the chemical composition of some metals, through the vaporization of the samples. It should be noted that the atoms that are released during this procedure emit a light that travels to the optical system. That light is measured by an electronic detector, which converts the light into electromagnetic charges.

Spectrometer Types

Knowing the types of spectrometer that you can use will be of great help in determining the correct results in your measurements. Among the types of spectrometer that exist, the following are noted:

  • Mass spectrometer

It is used to know the types of molecular masses, as well as the relativity of isotopes, such as the chemical composition of the sample. They are characterized because it has a means to place the substances to be analyzed.

In addition, it is considered a mechanism used to ionize some substances. It is an accelerator that transfers the ions to the measuring instrument, which are divided for their respective analysis, to then record their result. Registration is done through graphical forms.

  • Optical spectrometer

It is the one that is used to measure the properties of the light of some portion. It basically measures the intensity of the light and in some cases the state of polarization.

In this type of spectrometer, the incoming light is separated with respect to the wavelength and which records the spectrum. This device has now replaced the spectroscope for the development of some scientific applications.

These spectrometers have the ability to perform completely different measurements, therefore, you must know each of their functions in advance, so that you can use each one of them completely effectively.

Characteristics of a Spectrometer

Among the characteristics, it is pointed out that it has advanced technology, which allows detecting the spectra and at the same time photographing them.

The first spectrometers used photographic paper as a detector, but today they are made with electronic detectors, such as the CCD, which can use visible light and ultraviolet light.

It is a device that can use minimal preparation on your sample, has high sensitivity, precision, versatility, and is fast and very easy to use.

It is made up of several parts, the focus, which produces the beam of radiation or the particles that are analyzed.

You will also be able to observe the analyzer, which separates the beam with respect to the properties to be developed and analyzed.

Finally, the detector, which has the ability to measure the amount of the sample and record all the results graphically or through photographs.

Importance of a Spectrometer

The spectrometer is a very important device for scientific research in the areas of chemistry, biology and physics, since it strengthens the studies of spectrometry, as a powerful technique and with various uses.

Likewise, it is essential as a remedy and space exploration in the clinical area, since it is used to determine what is related to the molecular weight of compositions based on mass.

Having a laboratory with equipment such as the Spectrometer will depend a lot on the resolution and quality of some investigations that are going to be developed, as well as the benefits they will have for humanity.

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