Laboratory shakers

November 1, 2021


In laboratories it is necessary to use stirrers to prepare mixtures, solutions and heat (in the case of mechanical and magnetic stirrers that have electrical resistances) uniformly liquid substances.

What is it?

It is an instrument used in chemistry laboratories. It has a rod, usually made of glass, which is used to mix or stir some substances.

It is also used to introduce highly reactive liquid substances through runoff and thus avoid accidents. It is used for low density liquids and solids.

We can also find automatic stirrers in laboratories. These consist of complex equipment that is responsible for efficiently stirring substances.

Automatic agitators have at least two components, a propulsion system and a rod. The propulsion system is responsible for transmitting the movement to the rod and this, in turn, transmits the movement to the liquid.

Among the types of automatic laboratory shakers the following can be mentioned:

  • Paddle stirrers: They are in analog and digital format. Ideal for different viscosities up to 900,000 cps.
  • Burrel stirrers: It is ideal for stirring elements made of candle, plastic or metal.
  • Magnetic Stirrers: It is ideal for mixing solid substances and dissolving solid substances in liquids. They use a magnetic field that induces the movement of a magnetic bar.

What is it for?

Hand stirrers are used to stir low density solids and liquids. Agitators are also used to introduce highly reactive liquid substances to a mixture or substance by dripping and thus avoid accidents.

Automatic stirrers are much more efficient than manual ones, the number of revolutions per minute to which the liquid will be subjected can be programmed or heat can be transmitted to the substance. They allow to effectively control the process of mixing a substance or dissolving a solid.


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