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November 2, 2021

The power of the elements, even created in domestic or industrial machines, is as tremendous as the natural ones, with the difference of control such as that which can be achieved with an air compressor to perform from simple actions as well as the most professional and methodical.

Print speed, constancy, accuracy, strength, helping in tasks that merit and require the control of people responsible for others. Just as an air compressor can do thousands of goods it can also turn into evil with the wrong hands and questionable attitudes. Adults and children have used them for games and have resulted in hearing or vision problems or skin damage.

That is why we will treat the day in an informative way so that you get the best out of an air compressor. Contributing is our mission.

Air compressor

This is a tool that generates power through the compression of air at high volumes and speeds (pressure) per second. The process is carried out thanks to the exchange of energy between the machine and the fluid or substance that is inside it and that transforms it into flow energy to increase the pressure and kinetic energy to make it come out in a fluid way.

It should be clarified that an air pump does not work as such The air compressor is a thermal machinery where its working fluid is compressible, with considerable density and temperature modification, allowing with this process greater useful and continuous force depending on the task to be performed.

The above is simply the transformation of mechanical energy into pneumatic energy that compresses the air that is transmitted by an extension.

Air compressor uses

Although its adaptability is possible according to the occasion, profession, need or trade, among the most common uses are:

In the home

Inflate balls, bicycle wheels, motorcycles and vehicles. Adapted to special spray guns, it can be painted quickly. Polishing and drilling of small DIY parts. It is found in some specialty refrigerators.

In commerce and industry

Cleaning, drilling, polishing of special pieces such as tungsten from pencil sharpeners. Electric generators. Primary or alternative generation system for automotive, marine or air locomotion. There are several exclusive air compressor models for the food industry used for cleaning, disinfection and quality testing of products.

Air compressor according to its power

  • Air compressor up to 2CV: They are of limited but effective power for household tasks and / or small businesses, such as painting, inflating children’s games or balls, cleaning corners or cases of computers, removing chips or shavings. They are well specified in their functions, so that anyone can easily identify them and acquire them for such purposes.
  • Air compressor up to 4CV: Functional for continuous tasks, such as professional painting of vehicles, engine testing, cleaning or part of refrigeration devices, inflating vehicle tires up to off-road vehicles. Transportable and efficient.
  • Air compressor from 6CV onwards: Used in the automotive, aeronautical, research and construction or demolition industries, since the pressure exerted can break elements such as mountain rocks or asphalt in poor condition, avoiding explosions, demolition or use from other pneumatic tools.

Types of air compressors

In addition to power, an air compressor can be distinguished by other volumetric or adaptability aspects, whether for home or industry.

In the market they can be achieved with the following factors to analyze:

  • Alternative or additional compressor.
  • Rotary compressor (one of the most traditional).
  • Portability (according to weight it is better to use them with wheels).
  • Power (already specified)
  • Tank size (guaranteeing greater fluid processing and therefore pressure and continuity.

In the market, air compressors with specifications for home, continuous work are traded and the industrial ones are under special contracts due to the installation, operability and functions, in addition to the cost. Of the first are:

Portable air compressor, small size:

On television, exclusive portable compressors (on the shoulder or by hand) are shown in infomercials for painting at home, DIY and decoration, in addition to minor sports use.

Compressed air compressor according to its power:

In these cases, whether professional or for continuous domestic use (example, part-time painter), the CV, KW or HP specified by the brand should be considered, on which the highest and best air pressure depends, offering greater effectiveness and practicality. of uses.

Air compressor according to your tank:

The tank functions as an area to hold a fluid charge, causing the air compressor to activate when the compressor fills. Then it will go into fixed mode and the tools that suit the machine will work properly. When that air is exhausted, the process restarts. It is ideal for areas or times where there is no electricity and it is necessary to continue the work.

Alternative type air compressor:

It is the most common of compressors in hardware stores or stores in the industry. They exist in two classes, single and twin piston and diaphragm , adjustable to the power required by the user.

Rotary type air compressor:

Silent air compressor that exists in screws and blades model; designed for work in closed spaces such as workshops or repair works. They have cooling systems that keep their hydraulic work at a controlled pressure and temperature. They are heavier, more expensive, and require induction to operate.

Safety recommendations in its use

  • Keep the air compressor in areas that are not humid or dusty.
  • Avoid using gas-type air compressors indoors.
  • Check the parts of the machine before and after each use. So much energy, oil, valves, connections have to be free of obstruction.
  • Use basic protection elements when using these types of tools. Keep outsiders away for mutual safety.
  • Do not open any of the caps or try to change hoses or nozzles with the air compressor running. Much less add fuel.
  • Remember that noise and air pressure emitted by the machine can cause serious injury.
  • Check electrical connection and ground wire. Use proper, patch-free extension cords.
  • The hose fittings can become clogged and damage the air compressor. Likewise, if they are not properly tightened, in addition to being able to get loose and be expelled at high speed, it can cause irreparable damage to people or objects.
  • Do not direct compressed air at the skin, eyes, nose, mouth or ears; permanent and / or fatal injuries could be caused.
  • For home air compressor models, follow the instructions exactly. The fact that they are different from professionals or industrialists does not make them less risky.

Price target

Air compressors are currently available at a wide range of prices, depending on their energy source, size and type / use.

The best air compressor will always be the one that you adjust to your needs and technical possibilities, well above your budget.

The 2CV: They start from € 85 to 140 those that are ideal for the home.

Those of 4CV: They start from € 155 to 290 those that are ideal for the home and various workshops.

Some electric specials also start at € 85 and others in TV offers are € 45 without knowing more specifications about it.

Screw and vane compressors for semi or industrial use start from € 1,900 to 7,800 in online stores, with free shipping and prices stipulated for a long time, which makes them less expensive than in physical stores or for special orders.

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