The best thermostats: learn how to choose the best and cheapest

November 2, 2021

Today, thermostats are critical devices for manipulating heating. If you want to have a comfortable environment, you need to install a temperature control device. But, with the amount of alternatives that they promote on the Internet, it is not easy to find a good alternative. Faced with this scenario, we have decided to collect the best thermostats on the market, both analog and digital thermostats .

Thermostats, what to know?

When buying a Wi-Fi thermostat, it is necessary to know the basics of the temperature control instrument. Since it offers a different perspective when deciding between a device for your heating system.

First, its definition. It is a device that opens and closes an internal circuit of boilers, air conditioning and fuel pumps to increase or decrease the temperature. Before, to configure it, we must maneuver the knob. But, thanks to technology, one app is enough.

Second, you have to know the technology. Most smart thermostats replace analog work , programming temperature cycles, setting the time or remembering consumption data, and even encouraging energy savings.

Better thermostats

With the above explained, we can go on to name the different thermostats on the market. Pay attention.


A sophisticated, elegant and innovative thermostat that combines with the ambient decoration of any space, including rooms. It works for all major heating systems such as boilers and air conditioning. Modifying the temperature in an intelligent way, taking into account certain parameters, such as the outside and inside temperature until a pleasant climate is built.

It is compatible with voice assistants, increasing the convenience of coordination from anywhere in the home. It is also worth mentioning its ease of installation and programming , where it will not take you five minutes to complete the connection tasks. Finally, it has an energy consumption monitoring system, essential to reduce the share of electricity use.

Google Nest

A Nest thermostat is synonymous with quality and performance , however, we present an alternative with a good cost-to-purchase and performance-friendly alternative to create a comfortable environment. The most interesting thing about this device is the ability to learn. That is, it automatically records the temperature patterns to independently modify the heating. Other strong points to highlight are the temperature sensors, perfect for demanding and problematic places, with heat frequencies.

Lux thermostat

This is a programmable thermostat, with a wide manipulation range , essential for homes that spend most of the day alone. Among its strengths we find: simple installation, programming in minutes and adaptation of hot or cold needs. Its design, on the other hand, is intuitive and has buttons that facilitate configuration. We recommend it if you don’t want to get too complicated.

Nest third generation

Another product from the Nest brand, in this case of the third generation, which specializes in building a pleasant environment without abusing electricity consumption . It works through an application designed exclusively for smart devices from the Nest brand and can be integrated into the main heating systems in a home, such as gas boilers, steam boilers and electric boilers.

We highlight the innovative temperature adjustment technology taking into account external factors, such as humidity, and internal factors, such as problematic rooms with open doors or lights on that significantly influence the temperature. And, as a complementary piece of information for lovers of the brand, it can be integrated with other devices, such as monoxide detectors.

Mysa smart thermostat

If you are looking for the best in thermostat technology , we recommend giving this smart device a try. The best of all is its price, which, compared to the competition of the same range, presents an affordable budget. It has a traditional design, similar to the first analog thermostats on the market, although with the best in sensors and room construction.

Monitoring and manipulation is done by an intelligent application compatible with different devices and wireless network-enabled operating systems. On the other hand, in terms of installation, it is simple, it does not take even half to install and program the device. Offers a heating, cooling and ventilation verification system.


Introducing another great thermostat alternative for troubled homes. We take into account relevant advantages, such as: ease of handling with the application, adapted to the experience levels of the users, it comes with an instruction manual so as not to miss out on intelligent functions and it is aesthetically beautiful . It is also compatible with the operating systems of the main devices on the market.


If you are looking for an economical model, but with good performance , to increase comfort and general well-being in an environment, this is the perfect option. It has a digital and wireless remote control function per app. Its design is elegant, with a novel, elegant, sophisticated and compatible screen for internal decorations. It is considered a correct thermostat, with programming of all kinds and friendly with tight budgets.

How to choose the best thermostat?

With all the alternatives mentioned above, we know that it is difficult, although not impossible, to choose just one. That is why we have decided to mention some notions of choice that will help you decide between one option or another.


The ease of installation is essential to buying a thermostat. If it is complicated, you will have to invest money in hiring a professional. But, if the installation does not require monetary investment and physical effort, much better for our interests.

Design and type

There are two types of thermostats: those that are installed directly into the wiring system of a heating appliance, and those that are wireless. The former are recommended for a home, while the latter, although it can be moved from one place to another, always requires a good signal with the receiving system.

Regardless of the choice you choose, it is essential that the thermostat looks aesthetically attractive , striking, innovative, elegant and adapted to the decoration of a home. Since a device that influences the decoration, unbalances the vibes of the home.


Compatibility with both heating systems and operating systems is essential when choosing. Ideally, it should have compatibility with voice assistants , to increase the comfort of manipulation. Luckily, most modern smart thermostats have apps.


Obviously, the higher the technology of the thermostats, the price will increase considerably. Luckily, there are quality devices for less than 100 euros .

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